DMPQ: Food security is one of the prime objective of a welfare state. Name the department which ensures food security and state its objective.

To provide food security to the needy ones is the main objective of the Department of Food, Public distribution and Consumer affairs. The department aims to supply food grains to  poor families of the state within a specified time period at a subsidized rate, which is a challenging task.   In order to come existing … Read more

DMPQ: Agriculture has been a main pillar for rural economy. Discuss the steps taken by government of Jharkhand to impart sustainability to this sector.

Given the importance of the agricultural sector, the Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperative, Government of Jharkhand, have taken various measures for its sustainable development.   Schemes are as follows: Conversion of fallow land into cropped area. Double cropping rice fallow scheme: encouraging farmer to grow other crops in off season Agriculture mechanization promotion … Read more

DMPQ: Urbanisation is an inevitable process . Discuss the problems associated with with special reference to Jharkhand.

With 24 per cent of its population living in urban areas, Jharkhand has immense scope for urbanization in the decades to come. But the stark inter-regional disparities in the spatial distribution of urban population and its growth being spatially confined in a limited number of urban centres can have far reaching ramifications in the form … Read more

DMPQ: Mahila kisan sasaktikaran Paryojana.

The primary objective of the MKSP is to empower women in agriculture by making systematic investments to enhance their participation and productivity, as also create and sustain agriculture based livelihoods of rural women. The project seeks to enable women to gain better access to the inputs and services provided by the government and other agencies. … Read more

DMPQ: Give a brief account on the forest resources of Jharkhand. Schemes to conserve forest,

The forest resources of Jharkhand are abundantly distributed over the Chota Nagpur Plateau region and constitutes a critical lifeline for the indigenous  forest dwellers, especially the PVTGby offering them sustenance and livelihood. The state of Jharkhand has a diverse variety of forest cover consisting of Dry peninsular sal forest, Northern dry mix deciduous forest, Moist … Read more

DMPQ: Rural development is key to achieve sustainable and holistic development. In this context please explain and outline the objectives of Jharkhand opportunities for harnessing growth? 

Jharkhand since its inception has put a thrust on rural development. Jharkhand is not fortunate enough to have high concentration of village near urban agglomeration. Hence growth in urban does not translocate to village Pockets. Jharkhand has 37000 village out of which only 1% has population more than 5000. To achieve rural prosperity, a new … Read more

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