DMPQ: Mahila kisan sasaktikaran Paryojana.

The primary objective of the MKSP is to empower women in agriculture by making systematic investments to enhance their participation and productivity, as also create and sustain agriculture based livelihoods of rural women. The project seeks to enable women to gain better access to the inputs and services provided by the government and other agencies. It helps women gain more control over resources and manage support systems by establishing efficient local resource based agriculture. Once the production capacities of women in agriculture improve, food security ensues for their families and communities.


Specific objectives are:

  • To enhance the productive participation ofwomen in agriculture;
  • To create sustainable agricultural livelihoodopportunities for women in agriculture;
  • To improve the skills and capabilities of womenin agriculture to support farm and non-farmbasedactivities;
  • To ensure food and nutrition security at thehousehold and the community level;
  • To enable women to have better access toinputs and services of the government and otheragencies;
  • To enhance the managerial capacities of women in agriculture for better.


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