25-26.08.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         Jharkhand: Soon, women may be able to work in night shifts ð   Soon, women in Jharkhand will be able to work in night shifts, albeit only in factories. Till date, no woman can be employed beyond 10pm. Once the bill gets the Presidential assent, women can work in night shifts, too ð  The amendment, once approved by … Read more

Sectoral Trends In National Income Of India

? Sectoral trends in National Income of India In 1950-51, the share of the primary sec­tor in GDP was as high as 55.8%, while that of the secondary sector was only 15.2%. There has been a steady decline in the share of primary sector since then. It fell to 26% in 2000-01. On the … Read more

Erosion And Runoff Management In Hilly

? Erosion and runoff management in hilly, foot hills and valley lands; processes and factors affecting them Soil erosion due to water is a major concern in all the northern hilly states of India in general and Uttarakhand in particular. The peculiar terrain condition and high rainfall in the state pose a serious problem … Read more

Role Of Trade Unions

? Role of trade unions Although trade unions look after the interests of their members, they also recognise the advantages of working in partnership with employers. This is because a successful, profitable business is good for workers and therefore good for the union and its members. f you recognise a trade union in your … Read more

Ecology And Ecosystem

? Ecology and Ecosystem Ecology The scientific study of the processes influencing the distribution and abundance of organisms, the interactions among organisms, and the interactions between organisms and the transformation and flux of energy and matter. Ecosystem Ecosystem, the complex of living organisms, their physical environment, and all their interrelationships in a particular unit … Read more

Chipko Movement

? Chipko movement Chipko movement, also called Chipko andolan, nonviolent social and ecological movement by rural villagers, particularly women, in India in the 1970s, aimed at protecting trees and forests slated for government-backed logging. The movement originated in the Himalayan region of Uttar Pradesh (later Uttarakhand) in 1973 and quickly spread throughout the Indian … Read more

Physical Features Of India

? Physical features of india Millions of years ago, the Peninsular Plateau region (the oldest landmass) was a part of the Gondwana Land which covered India, Australia, South Africa, and South America. Over hundreds of years of shifting landmass and ocean currents broke this landmass into multiple pieces. .One such piece- the Indo-Australian plate … Read more

Manpower Based Industries

? SERVICES SECTOR Introduction The services sector continued to be the key driver of India’s economic growth contributing almost 72.5% of gross value added growth in 2017-18 while providing employment to around 30% of population (ILO estimates, 2016). The government has initiated many reforms to boost the sector which is expected to grow at … Read more


? Subject verb agreement Subjects and verbs must AGREE with one another in number (singular or plural). Thus, if a subject is singular, its verb must also be singular; if a subject is plural, its verb must also be plural. Being able to find the right subject and verb will help you correct errors of subject-verb agreement. Basic Rule. A singular subject (she, Bill, car) takes … Read more

Interrelationship Of Disaster And Development

? Interrelationship of disaster and development Debate regarding the relationship between socioeconomic development and natural disasters remains at the fore of global discussions, as the potential risk from climate extremes and uncertainty pose an increasing threat to developmental prospects. This study reviews statistical investigations of disaster and development linkages, across topics of macroeconomic growth, … Read more

Official Language Language Of The Union And Regional Languages

? Official Language- Language of the Union and Regional Languages PART XVII OFFICIAL LANGUAGE CHAPTER I.-LANGUAGE OF THE UNION 343. Official language of the Union. 344. Commission and Committee of Parliament on official language. CHAPTER II.-REGIONAL LANGUAGES 345. Official language or languages of a State. 346. Official language for communication between one State and … Read more

The Thrust Of The Scientific Policy Resolution

? The thrust of the Scientific Policy Resolution, 1958 was on capacity-building in advancement of science as the foundation for making a strong nation, which had just freed itself from the shackles of colonial domination . The focus of the Technology Policy Statement, 1983 was attainment of technological self-reliance and building of national strength … Read more


? CHAPTER 3 – WOMEN IN INDIAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT   ROLE OF WOMEN IN INDIAN NATINAL MOVEMENT The participation of women in National Movement legitimised the Indian National Congress. The British understood that the method of Satyagraha had a special appeal for women. The participation of women in the freedom movement also influenced the … Read more

Combating Corruption Fami[y And Society Role

? 0                                                combating corruption   1.The first tool is ‘education’. With the help of education we can reduce corruption. According to a report by Transparency International, the least corrupt state is Kerala, the reason being that Kerala’s literacy rate is highest in India. So we can see how education effects education. In most of … Read more

Science And Technology In Ancient Period

? Science and Technology in Ancient Period: Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physiology and Medicine (including Surgery), Ship- building, Mining and Metallurgy, Engineering and Architecture Like people in any other part of the world Indians too, have a rich legacy of scientific ideas. A desire to now the unknown, accompanied with experimentation and … Read more

Role Of Regional Political Parties In Indian Politics

? Role of regional political parties in Indian politics IntroductionIndia as a democracy has the multi-party system in place, which means there are several political parties competing for power. Apart from the primary parties, each state has their own local political parties that rule and compete in their region.  Political significance The … Read more

Structure Of Flower And Reproduction Process

? Structure of flower and reproduction process The Female Reproductive Organ: The Carpel The female parts of a flower consist of an ovary, which contains one or more ovules, a style and the stigma. The ovary is at the base of the flower.  From the ovary, extends a tubular structure called the style and … Read more

Distance Between Two Points

? Distance between two points Here is how to calculate the distance between two points when you know their coordinates:     Let us call the two points A and B     We can run lines down from A, and along from B, to make a Right Angled Triangle. And with a little … Read more

E Learning

? e-learning A learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. While teaching can be based in or out of the classrooms, the use of computers and the Internet forms the major component of E-learning. E-learning can also be termed as a network enabled transfer … Read more

Concept Of Social Legislation In India

? Concept of Social Legislation Legislation is an instrument to control, guide and restrain the behaviour of individuals and groups living in society. Individuals and groups left in absolute freedom may clash with each other in the pursuit of their self interest at the cost of others.They cause grave harm to society leading to … Read more


? Average   What is Average? The result obtained by adding several quantities together and then dividing this total by the number of quantities is called Average. The main term of average is equal distribution of a value among all which may distribute persons or things. We obtain the average of a number using formula that … Read more

Tuberculosis Programme

? Tuberculosis Programme TB was declared as a global health emergency in 1993. In the same year, India established the RNTCP as a small pilot project. This project was scaled up nationwide between 1998–2006. The overall vision of RNTCP is “A TB free India”—a situation in which TB is no longer a major public … Read more

Youth Unrest And Commercialization Of Education

? youth unrest and commercialization of education There are four reasons why every nation regards the advancement of its youth as its primary duty. The first is that the youth possess vigour and inventiveness. It is in their strength and in their inventive genius that the hopes of a bright future are centered. The … Read more

Profit Loss

? Profit and loss   IMPORTANT FACTS Cost Price: The price, at which an article is purchased, is called its cost price, abbreviated as C.P.   Selling Price: The price, at which an article is sold, is called its selling prices, abbreviated as S.P.   Profit or Gain: If S.P. is greater than C.P., the seller is said … Read more

Various Chemical And Biological Weapons

? Various chemical and biological weapons chemical weapons A chemical weapon is any toxic chemical that can cause death, injury, incapacitation, and sensory irritation, deployed via a delivery system, such as an artillery shell, rocket, or ballistic missile. Chemical weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction and their use in armed conflict is a … Read more

Westernisation And Modernization

? Westernisation and modernization vs Traditionalism  Westernisation The role of Westernisation has been very significant in understanding the socio-cultural changes of modern India. British rule produced radical and lasting changes in the Indian society and culture. TheBritish brought with them, unlike the previous invaders, new technology, institutions, knowledge,beliefs, and values. These have become the … Read more

HCM And LCM And Time And Work

? HCM and LCM Factors A factor of a number are all those numbers, which exactly divide the given number. “Exactly divides” means that when a number is divided by its factor the reminder is always  0. For example: 1,2,and 4 are the factors of 4. Multiples Multiples of a number are those numbers … Read more

Strategic Location Of India In The Indian Ocean

? Strategic location of India in the Indian Ocean India wishes to build and strengthen its global image, commensurate with its size, population and the strength of its economy.  It espouses the ideals of democracy, secularism and peaceful co-existence. These aspirations, however, are challenged by a range of factors: a large population; ethnic, religious … Read more

Workers, Peasant And Tribal Movements In British India

? Workers, Peasant and Tribal Movements in British India Indigo Revolt (1859-60) The Indigo revolt of Bengal was directed against British planters who forced peasants to take advances and sign fraudulent contracts which forced the peasants to grow Indigo under terms which were the least profitable to them.  The revolt began in Govindpur village … Read more

Conventional And Non Conventional Sources Of Energy

? Conventional and Non Conventional Sources of Energy Main Sources of Energy: The sources of energy are of following types: 1. Conventional Sources of Energy: These sources of energy are also called non renewable sources. These sources of energy are in limited quantity except hydro-electric power.  (a) Coal and … Read more


? Tenses The English Tense System The text below are to lessons for each of the 12 basic English tenses. In each lesson we look at two aspects of the tense: Structure: How do we make the tense? Use: When and why do we use the tense?   Verbs come in three tenses: past, present, … Read more

Vedic Mathematics

? Vedic Mathematics Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Techniques/Sutras to solve mathematical arithmetics in easy and faster way. It consists of 16 Sutras (Formulae) and 13 sub-sutras (Sub Formulae) which can be used for problems involved in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics. Some vedic maths trics  Multiply a number by 9   Multiply … Read more

International Terrorism

? International terrorism Terrorism, the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. Terrorism has been practiced by political organizations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and religious groups, by revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such … Read more

World Distribution Of Bauxite

? World Distribution of bauxite The important bauxite producers are (their percentage in world’s production is given in bracket): Australia (31.34%), China (18.41%), Brazil (13.93%), Guinea (8.36%), Jamaica (3.98%), Russia (1.64%), Venezuela (2.39%), Surinam (1.99%), Kazakhstan (2.44%), Greece (1.09%), Guyana (0.60%) and Vietnam (0.01%). Australia is the largest producer of bauxite in the world. … Read more


? Noun Important Notes & Rules of Noun A noun is a group of word that is usually forms the name of a person, place, thing, quality, or ideas. Nouns can be singular or plural. Noun can be grouped into many forms like, Proper noun (includes names), countable noun & Uncountable noun. General Rules … Read more

Geo Politics In South East Asia

? Geo-political and Strategic development in South east Asia Over the past decade, Southeast Asia’s economic and geopolitical profile in the world has risen dramatically. Its US$2.5 trillion economy is a rare bright spot for global growth. In global international relations, it has assumed a remarkable degree of centrality due to the increasingly integrated … Read more

Two Nation Theroy

? “Two-Nation” theory and Islamic revivalism “Two-Nation” theory Two Nation Theory’s phenomenon basically sprigged up with the advent of Islam in the Sub-Continent. The sense was very unique about Pakistan’s creation that it was generally based on ideological commitments in the light of Islam. The basic concept behind Two Nation Theory was Muslims and … Read more

Urban Spheres Of Influence And Rural Urban Fringe

? Urban spheres of influence and rural urban fringe Urban spheres of influence Urban spheres of influence reflect centre-to-hinterland relationship, compared with the non-central region, the centre assumes more complex economic functions, and provides more economic activities. Famous theoretical contributions to this research field are the Central Place Theory (Christaller, 1933), the extension to … Read more


? Adjectives   Important Rules on Adjectives Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns. The adjectives express physical and other qualities (large, quiet, friendly) and the writer’s opinion or attitude(excellent, beautiful).   Adjectives have many forms. Adjective are formed when we add a suffix to a noun or verb. … Read more

Compound Interest

? Compound Interest   Let Principal = P, Rate = R% per annum, Time = n years.   When interest is compound Annually:    Amount = P 1 + R n 100 When interest is compounded Half-yearly:     Amount = P 1 + (R/2) 2n 100 When interest is compounded Quarterly:     Amount = … Read more

Mixed Ration And Proportion

? Mixed ratio and proportion Ratio Introduction: Ratio is the relation which one quantity bears to another of the same kind. The ratio of two quantities a and b is the fraction a/b and we write it as a: b. In the ratio a: b, we call a as the first term or antecedent and b, … Read more

International Relations And Transparency

? <strong>     <u>The Concept of Transparency in International Relations</u></strong> Transparency is a political condition valued and pursued by countless actors in globalpolitics, and transparency promotion is central to an extensive range of policy issues.Development aid practices, Internet governance and surveillance, the accountability ofinternational institutions, democracy promotion, nuclear weapons proliferation, and thepolitics of financial regulation … Read more

Distinction Between Indus Civilization And Vedic Civilization

? Distinction between Indus Civilization and Vedic Civilization These two civilizations have not only played a major role in the development of ancient India, but have also left a lineage that still continues to shape our present Indian culture. Differences based on Following Major Headings PERIODICTY BASED DIFFERNENCES: Indus Valley Civilization: Till 20th century, … Read more


? Articles Indefinite and Definite Articles The words a, an, and the are special adjectives called articles. Indefinite Articles—a, an an—used before singular count nouns beginning with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or vowel sound: an apple, an elephant, an issue, an orange a—used before singular count nouns beginning with … Read more

Waste Water Management

? Waste Water Management Water, food and energy securities are emerging as increasingly important and vital issues for India and the world. Most of the river basins in India and elsewhere are closing or closed and experiencing moderate to severe water shortages, brought on by the simultaneous effects of agricultural growth, industrialization and urbanization. … Read more

Foreign Trade Policy

? Planning and Foreign Trade Foreign Trade is the important factor in economic development in any nation. Foreign trade in India comprises of all imports and exports to and from India. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry at the level of Central Government has responsibility to manage such operations. The domestic production reveals on … Read more

Digestive System (1)

? Digestive System Introduction v  The respiratory and circulatory systems work together to provide cells with the oxygen they need for cellular respiration. v  Cells also need glucose for cellular respiration. Glucose is a simple sugar that comes from the food we eat. v  To get glucose from food, digestion must occur. This process … Read more

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