DMPQ- Enumerate the National Initiative to combat climate change with brief explanation about each objective

The National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) encompasses a range of measures. It focuses on eight missions, which are as follows[2]: National Solar Mission: The NAPCC aims to promote the development and use of solar energy for power generation and other uses, with the ultimate objective of making solar competitive with fossil-based energy options. … Read more

DMPQ- Enumerate the features of the Vedic age.

The Vedic Age started with the Aryan occupation of the Indo-Gangetic Plains. Meaning of the word Arya: Noble. They spoke Sanskrit, an Indo-European language. They led a rural, semi-nomadic life as compared to the Indus Valley people who were urbanised. It is believed that they entered India through the Khyber Pass. Political structure: Monarchical form … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on the concept of Rule of law?

The term “Rule of Law” is derived from the French phrase ‘La Principe de Legality’ (the principle of legality) which refers to a government based on principles of law and not of men. The DICEY’S THEORY of the Rule of Law consists of three main principles: Absence of discretionary powers and supremacy of Law: viz. … Read more

DMPQ- What do you understand by the term quantam computing?

Quantum computing is paving the way for the development of fifth generation of computers.  It scores over existing computing methods by performing more efficient algorithms than   traditional computing. Quantum computing relies on quantum physics by taking advantage of certain quantum physics properties of atoms or nuclei that allow them to work together as quantum bits, … Read more

DMPQ :Recently a term virtuous cycle was used in the economic survey. Explain the term virtuous cycle.

A target of USD 5 trillion economy by 2024-2025 was laid in the economic survey. To achieve this  virtuous cycle term was used. It consists of exports, investments and savings. When these three forces will work in tandem there will be better chances of attaining the required growth rate and hence the target.  Investment, especially … Read more

17.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

  INTERNATIONAL India to be the focus country in Jerusalem Film Festival, 2020 India was positioned as an attractive filming destination by highlighting the steps taken to ease the process of obtaining permissions for filming in India through the Film Facilitation Office (FFO) which facilitates Single Window Clearance for film-makers. The Indian Delegation highlighted the … Read more

16.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

16.05.19     INTERNATIONAL Sasakawa Award 2019 United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) today conferred Sasakawa Award 2019 for Disaster Risk Reduction to Dr. Pramod Kumar Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India. P. K. Mishra from India received the 2019 Sasakawa award in recognition of his long-term dedication to improve … Read more

15.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

15.05.19     INTERNATIONAL Manchester City have been crowned Premier League champions Manchester City have been crowned Premier League champions for the second consecutive season after a 4-1 win over Brighton EPL is contested by 20 clubs and the Seasons run from starting in August to ending in May.   India voiced for ‘unbiased’ assessment … Read more

14.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

14.05.19     INTERNATIONAL Waste dumping proposal defeated A proposal by India to prevent developed countries from dumping their electronic and plastic waste onto developing countries, was defeated at the recently concluded meeting of the Basel Convention in Geneva. Pollution from plastic waste, acknowledged as a major environmental problem of global concern, has reached epidemic … Read more

13.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

13.05.19     INTERNATIONAL Vice President, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu calls for strengthening of India-Vietnam ties. India, Vietnam to strengthen cooperation in atomic energy, defence and security On his four-day official visit to Vietnam, the Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu underscored the importance of strengthening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two … Read more

12.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

12.05.19     INTERNATIONAL IAF receives first Apache Guardian attack helicopters The first of the 22 Apache Guardian attack helicopters, often called “tanks in the air” because they are armed with deadly missiles and rockets, has been formally handed over to the IAF at the Boeing production facility in Arizona, US. Apaches, armed with Stinger … Read more

11.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

11.05.19     INTERNATIONAL Who FOR ELIMINATING INDUSTRIALLY PRODUCED TRANS FATS BY 2023 The WHO has in partnership with the International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) to wished to achieve elimination of industrially produced trans fats by 2023. They expressed their commitment to eliminate industrial trans fats, and reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats in … Read more

10.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

10.05.19     INTERNATIONAL India re-elected as observer to Arctic Council India has been re-elected as an observer to intergovernmental forum Arctic Council The Arctic Council promotes cooperation, coordination and interaction among Arctic states, the region’s indigenous communities and other inhabitants on common issues, particularly on sustainable development and environmental protection. Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, … Read more

09.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

09.05.19     INTERNATIONAL Indian, French navies begin sea phase of ‘Varuna’ exercise India-France naval exercise -Varuna currently under way off the Goa coast is the largest ever undertaken by the two navies and represents the climax of the strengthened maritime co-operation between the countries. Indian naval ships Chennai, Mumbai, Tarkash, tanker INS Deepak and … Read more

08.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

08.05.19     INTERNATIONAL India, Germany, Brazil, Japan ‘absolutely needed’ at UNSC as permanent members: France India and nations like Germany, Brazil and Japan are “absolutely needed” as permanent members of a reformed and enlarged UN Security Council to better reflect contemporary realities. India is at the forefront of efforts at the UN to push … Read more

07.05.2019 National and International Current Affairs

  INTERNATIONAL Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Council of Foreign Ministers in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Council of Foreign Ministers in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, later this month. Dialogue between India and Pakistan has been called off since the Pathankot attack in January … Read more

Best wishes for Civil Services Prelims Exam 2019

Pscnotes wishes good luck to all aspirants for Civil Services Prelims Exam 2019.  You have worked very hard and will surely succeed to next phase of exam i.e. Mains. Our final tip is to sleep well prior to exam,  stay calm and have special Focus On none /not/ neither in questions. Hardness and ease of … Read more

DMPQ- What are the main functions of National Highway authority of India?

To develop, maintain and manage National Highways vested in it by the Central Government. To regulate and control the plying of vehicles on National Highways for its proper management. To develop and provide consultancy and construction services in India and abroad, and carry out research activities in relation to the development, maintenance and management of … Read more

DMPQ- What are the factors which control the salinity of the oceans?

Factors poignant ocean salinity are : The salinity of water within the surface layer of oceans rely in the main on evaporation and precipitation. Wind, additionally influences salinity of a district by transferring water to different areas. The ocean currents contribute to the salinity variations. Salinity, temperature and density of water are interconnected. Hence, any … Read more

DMPQ:Project 75(I)

The Project 75I-class submarine is a follow-on of the Project 75 Kalvari-class submarine for the Indian navy. Under this project, the Indian Navy intends to acquire 6 diesel-electric submarines, which will also feature advanced Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) systems to enable them to stay submerged for longer duration and substantially increase their operational range.   … Read more

DMPQ:Q5. Discuss following term: A) ISHAN VIKAS B) ISHAN UDAY

Ishan Vikas is coordinated by IIT, Guwahati and under the programme, selected school children from North Eastern States are brought in close contact with the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research (IISERs) and National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) during the vacation period to motivate them to pursue science, … Read more

DMPQ- Differentiate the following terms: a) Hurricanes b) Cyclones c) Typhoons d) Tornadoes

Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon; we just use different names for these storms in different places. In the Atlantic and Northeast Pacific, the term “hurricane” is used. The same type of disturbance in the Northwest Pacific is called a “typhoon” and “cyclones” occur in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean. … Read more


Fisheries: ‘Fisheries’ sector is becoming a subsector of Primary sector with consistently increasing contribution to the state economy. The state government envisages development in fisheries sector with a multi pronged strategy with essential focus on increasing fish production and thereby ensure sustainable development. Development of fisheries through effective value chain and boosting exports, government is … Read more

National Educational Research and Training Council

National Educational Research and Training Council The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organisation of the Government of India which was established on 1 September 1961 as a literary, scientific and charitable Society under the Societies’ Registration Act (Act XXI of 1860). Its headquarters are located at Sri Aurbindo Marg … Read more

DMPQ:What are the concerns in India-Australia bilateral relations?

Dichotomous Australian Foreign Policy- Historically, a key problem with Australia’s bilateral relationships has been the misalignment of Australia’s economic and political-security interests. While Australia is reliant on the US for its defence and security through the Australia-New Zealand-US treaty, its economy depends on China, which accounts for a huge share in bilateral trade and investment. Challenges … Read more

DMPQ: What is JAM Trinity? How it is beneficial?

An abbreviation for Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar and Mobile number. The government is pinning its hopes on these three modes of identification to deliver direct benefits to India’s poor. Benefits of JAM: Ensure minimum leakages and direct benefit transfer. Remove the bottleneck of exclusion error. Will bring efficiency in implementation of scheme. Will help in … Read more

DMPQ: is Rohingya issue? How it is affecting India? (IR)

Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, neighbouring Bangladesh, are not recognised by the Myanmar government as an official ethnic group and are therefore denied citizenship. Rohingyas are the most persecuted community in the world. Brutal atrocities are unleashed on them and they are denied of any human rights and citizenship rights. As a result of this, the … Read more

DMPQ: Examine the Role of Christian Missionary in imparting Education in India during British Colonial period

  Education in India was a privilege of elite upper classes. It was limited to gurukuls where upper caste young boys would go to study under the tutorship of a guru. Even women from the upper caste families were not provided opportunity to learn. Common people were aliens to this elite education system. When missionaries … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss special features of Jute Industry of India

The Jute industry occupies an important place in the national economy of India. It is one of the major industries in the eastern region, particularly in West Bengal. Jute, the golden fibre, meets all the standards for ‘safe’ packaging in view of being a natural, renewable, biodegradable and eco-friendly product. It is estimated that that … Read more

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