27.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·       Ranchi  soon to get App-based bus service ð Ranchiites may soon get to book seats in city buses from the comfort of their homes. The District Administration here is contemplating the idea of launching a mobile App-based bus service, which will allow commuters to book seats in city buses, set their pick up … Read more

26.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         CM launches ‘Shram Shakti Abhiyan’ ð  After whirlwind tour to different parts of the State, Chief Minister Raghubar Das launched Shram Shakti Abhiyan at Football Ground of Adityapur in the neighbouring district Seraikela Kharsawan. The programme is aimed to register labourers working in the unorganised sector. ð  The State-wide ‘Shram Shakti Abhiyan’ is … Read more

25.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Marriage registrations go online in Jharkhand   Marriage registration in Jharkhand is now online and couples can get their marriage certificates after a physical verification, which will be conducted 15 days from the day applicants completed the online process. The process has been made online by the department of land, revenue and registration and for the first time under … Read more

24.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND State readies to implement ban on e-cigarettes   The Union Health Ministry relied on the suggestion to ban the online delivery system of e-cigarettes. It is known that e-cigarette has been banned in the whole country through an ordinance on 18 September this year. The State government banned it in the entire State in … Read more

DMPQ- What are the Salient Features of Right To Information Act 2005

Replaced Freedom of Information Act 2002. Jammu and Kashmir has separate Right To Information Act – RTI 2009. RTI relaxes restrictions placed by Official Secrets Act 1923. 3 Levels – Public Information Officer, First Appellate Authority, Central Information Commission(CIC). Time period for Public Information Officer : Expeditiously or within 30 daysfrom the date of receipt by public authority. … Read more

DMPQ- What are the program and policies for the educational and economic empowerment of SC/ST’s

Top Class Education for ST Students This is a Central Sector Scholarship Scheme for ST students introduced from the academic year 2007-08 with the objective of encouraging meritorious ST students for pursing studies at Degree and Post Graduate level in any of the Institutes identified by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the purpose. Eklavya … Read more

DMPQ- Mention the strategies angaist Cyber Crime. Critically evaluate them and give suggestive measures.

Creating a secure cyber ecosystem To designate a National nodal agency to coordinate all matters related to cyber security in the country, with clearly defined roles & responsibilities. To encourage all organizations, private and public to designate a member of senior management, as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), responsible for cyber security efforts and initiatives. … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on Blood Bank.

Blood bank is a place where blood is collected from donors, typed, separated into components, stored, and prepared for transfusion to recipients. A blood bank may be a separate free-standing facility or part of a larger laboratory in a hospital. Separation of blood Typically, each donated unit of blood (whole blood) is separated into multiple … Read more

DMPQ- Short note on Water Frontiers of India.

India covers 3,214 km from North land to South land and 2,933 km from eastwards to westwards. India has the land frontier of 15,106.7 km and a coastline of 7,516.6 km.  Sri Lanka, Thailand, Pakistan,  Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives, and  Indonesia are the nations with which India accords marine borders.   India is also surrounded in the … Read more

DMPQ- Mention the Technological aspects of agricultural biotechnology.

Genetic engineering Scientists have learned how to move genes from one organism to another. This has been called genetic modification (GM), genetic engineering (GE) or genetic improvement (GI). Regardless of the name, the process allows the transfer of useful characteristics (such as resistance to a disease) into a plant, animal or microorganism by inserting genes … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on Pygmy

Pygmy, in anthropology, member of any human group whose adult males grow to less than 59 inches (150 cm) in average height. A member of a slightly taller group is termed pygmoid.  The best-known Pygmy groups and those to whom the term is most commonly applied are the Pygmies of tropical Africa; elsewhere in Africa … Read more

DMPQ- What are Natural Food Preservatives?

In the category of natural food preservatives comes the salt, sugar, alcohol, vinegar etc. These are the traditional preservatives in food that are also used at home while making pickles, jams and juices etc. Also the freezing, boiling, smoking, salting are considered to be the natural ways of preserving food. Coffee powder and soup are … Read more

DMPQ- Mention the Significance of Nanda Empire

The Nanda Kings established a strong monarchy based on an efficient bureaucracy and a mighty army. The conquests made by the Nandas paved the way for the political unification of India under the Mauryas. The age of the Nanda Empire was significant also for the fact that it brought an end to the immemorial orthodox … Read more

DMPQ- Give suggestive measures for inclusive Agricultural Price Policy

Establishment of Some More Agencies Apart from Food Corporation of India, some more agencies should be set up for ensuring rational prices of other agricultural products and also for procuring other agricultural products. In the meantime the government has already set up Cotton Corporation and Jute Corporation, which needs to be further strengthened. Extension of … Read more

DMPQ- Fa-Hien and Hiuen Tsang

Hiuen Tsang from China (629-645) One of the earliest and the most celebrated travelers to India, Hiuen Tsang came from China to India in search of Buddhist belief and practice. He has been described as the “prince of pilgrims” and his accounts carry a lot of information on the political, social and religious set up … Read more

DMPQ- What are the different Types of Robots?

These are the some types of robots given below: Articulated: The feature of this robot is its rotary joints and range of these are from 2 to 10 or more joints. The arm is connected to the rotary joint and each joint is known as the axis which provides a range of movements. Cartesian: These are also … Read more

DMPQ- Alexander’s Invasion (327 BC)

After 2 centuries of Persian invasion, Alexander from Macedonia invaded India. Alexander conquered minor Asia along with Iraq & Iran and from Iran he marched into India Alexander conquered whole of Persia by defeating Darius 3 in battle of Arabela (330 BC). Herodotus, Father of history, wrote that fabulous wealth of India attracted Alexander & … Read more

DMPQ- Traditionalism vs modernism

Traditions represent the Actual Identity of particular society, while getting rid of them is supposed to be a sign of modernity. Traditions, quite often, keep us United, but modernity, usually, takes us apart from each other. A tradition implies an established method or practice; belief or custom, passed on to us by our ancestors. Much … Read more

DMPQ- Differentiate between Peer groups and Social Groups.

Peer groups A peer group is a social group whose members have interests, social positions and age in common. This is where children can escape supervision and learn to form relationships on their own. The influence of the peer group typically peaks during adolescence however peer groups generally only affect short term interests unlike the … Read more

22-23.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Free wi-fi zones in Ranchi from November   As many as 10 busy areas of the state capital, including places like Main Road, Morabadi and Doranda, will have free wi-fi zones from November.   The private agency hired by telecom major BSNL is about to complete a survey of the areas after which the … Read more

21.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Free online coaching app launched in Ranchi   A city start-up, that took the initiative to help poor students access digital academic coaching to crack competitive examinations like IIT/JEE and medical entrance tests, has come out with an app to do just that.   The start-up, eGyan Sagar, incubated at the state IT department’s … Read more

20.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         App-based cycles in Jharkhand by 2020 ð  The app-based public cycle sharing is poised to make its debut in 2020 in two more urban centres of Jharkhand, namely, Jamshedpur and Dhanbad, after its relative success in the state capital. ð  It would be a significant step towards last mile connectivity and provide an … Read more

19.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Coal hub tops water table in Dhanbad   Dhanbad district, where coal fires rage underground and which has some of the most polluted stretches in the state, has been ranked best in the country for water conservation measures undertaken under the Centre’s Jal Shakti Abhiyan.   On the list published by the Union Jal … Read more

18.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND J’khand first State to detect Thallassemia by DNA test   Jharkhand will soon become the first State in India to detect Thallassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia with DNA test.   NHM Jharkhand has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a private company, GENES2ME regarding the same.   As per the clauses of the … Read more

17.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         Organic farming in Jharkhand gets Rs 100 crore cabinet boost ð  The state government on Saturday gave its approval for a Rs 100-crore boost to organic farming and facilitate its certification in Jharkhand. Under the scheme, farmers will be given Rs 30,000 per acre to practice chemical-free farming. ð  The cabinet has given an administrative approval … Read more

15-16.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Prime Minister Narendra Modi launches farmer pension scheme in poll bound state of Jharkhand   Pradhan Mantri Kisan Mandhan Yojanafrom poll-bound Jharkhand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi that every farmer will get Rs 3,000 per month after attaining the age of 60. He launched the Pradhan Mantri Laghu Vyaparik Mandhan Yojana and Swarojgar pension schemes … Read more

DMPQ-The Coastal Plains

The Peninsular plateau is flanked by stretch of narrow coastal strips, running along the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east. The western coast, sandwiched between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, is a narrow plain. It consists of three sections. The northern part of the coast is … Read more

14.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND PM to inaugurate Sahibganj Multi Modal Terminal at Jharkhand   Sahibganj Multi-Modal Terminal (MMT) will be inaugurated by PM Modi with the Minister of Shipping & Chemical Fertilizers Mansukh Mandaviyaon 12th September in  It is a two-way data communication system and India’s second riverine Multi-Modal terminal on the Ganga river. The MMT was built at a cost … Read more

DMPQ-Write an essay on Sex-ratio of India.

Sex ratio is used to describe the number of females per 1000 of males. Sex ratio is a valuable source for finding the population of women in India and what is the ratio of women to that of men in India. In the Population Census of 2011 it was revealed that the population ratio in … Read more

DMPQ-District Courts

The basis of structuring of district courts in India is mainly depending upon the discretion of the state governments or the union territories. The structure of those courts are mainly made considering several factors like the number of cases, distribution of population, etc. Depending upon those factors the state government takes the decision of numbers … Read more

DMPQ-Explain the Role of media and Social networking sites in internal security Challenges.

Social Media can be defined as any web or mobile based platform that enables an individual or agency to communicate interactively and enables exchange of user generated content and it is explained by a number of tools, which includes blogs, Wikis, discussion forums, micro-blogs, twitter and social networking sites. Internet has become a platform for coordination … Read more

DMPQ-What are the features of parliamentary government in India ?

The features of parliamentary government in India are: Presence of nominal and real executives; Majority party rule, Collective responsibility of the executive to the legislature, Membership of the ministers in the legislature, Leadership of the prime minister or the chief minister, Dissolution of the lower House (Lok Sabha or Assembly).

Pandyan Contributions

? Pandyan contributions Economic contribution External trade was carried on between South India and Hellenistic kingdom of Egypt and Arabia as well as the Malay Archipelago. The author of the Periplus of the Erythrean Sea (75 A.D.) gives the most valuable information about the trade between India and the Roman Empire. He mentions the … Read more

DMPQ- List out the objectives of Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan.

RMSA has following objectives:- To ensure that all secondary schools have physical facilities, staffs and supplies at least according to the prescribed standards through financial support in case of Government/ Local Body and Government aided schools, and appropriate regulatory mechanism in the case of other schools. To improve access to secondary schooling to all young … Read more

The Bahmani Sultanate

?                                                                    The Bahmani Sultanate The Bahmani kingdom came into existence in 1347AD. Alauddin Hasan, an Afghan, founded the Sultanate after revolted against the  Bin Tuglaq, sultan of Delhi. He ruled it under the title of Bahaman Shah. He was also known as Hasan Gangu, as he had risen in the servise of a … Read more

DMPQ-Explain Begar as a form of social labour.

Begar  a form of social labour without payment. Its origin goes back to the pre-money era when labour was viewed as an important item of exchange. The land of the king and his men and priests were cultivated by peasants in exchange of some tenurial rights in land granted by the king. When the state … Read more


? Yadavas The Seuna, Sevuna or Yadavas of Devagiri (c. 850–1334) was an Indian dynasty, which at its peak ruled a kingdom stretching from the Tungabhadra to the Narmada rivers, including present-day Maharashtra, north Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh, from its capital at Devagiri (present-day Daulatabad in modern Maharashtra). The Yadavas initially ruled … Read more

Pala Dynasty

?   Pala Dynasty   Pala Dynasty ruled Bengal and Bihar for about four centuries from the middle of the 8th century AD. Founded by Gopala, rule of the dynasty underwent various vicissitudes and lasted for eighteen generations of kings. Prior to the establishment of the Pala Empire, the area of Bengal was experiencing … Read more

DMPQ-What were the main features of Government of India Act 1935?

The Montague-Chelmsford Reforms of 1919 had brought a large scale discontentment among the people of India. The Non-Cooperation Movement launched by Gandhi had fanned the fire of this discontentment. In order to give some concession to Indians in the field of administration, the Government of India Act, 1935 was designed on the basis of the … Read more

DMPQ-What were the recommendations and Reaction of the All India Parties to Cabinet Mission

Cabinet Mission which arrived on 24th March 1946 was mainly aimed at devolution of power from the British crown to India giving India independence under Dominion Status in the Commonwealth of Nations. On 28th January 1946, the Viceroy, announced in the legislative Assembly, his intention to establish a new executive council with political leaders and … Read more

13.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         GPS tracking of mineral-carrying vehicles soon ð  In a bid to put a check on illegal transportation of minerals from Jharkhand, the Mines and Geological Department has decided to start Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking of all vehicles used for transportation of minerals, ð  Besides, the State will also make it mandatory for … Read more

12.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND State shines in District Skill Development Plan   According to the final results of the Skill Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Programme (SANKALP), six districts of Jharkhand have been awarded for excellent performance and implementation. The results were announced by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.   Godda has … Read more

11.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         Government to provide surplus cornea to eye banks in State ð  The government will soon adopt a policy of providing surplus cornea to eye banks, including the Kashyap Memorial Eye Bank in the State so that those may be used for needy persons ð  The Minister said that AIIMS, Delhi and Safdarjang hospital … Read more

10.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         Karma festival celebrated with zeal across State   ð  Decked up in their traditional attire, the tribal population of the State danced on the beats of Mandar, singing folk songs on the occasion of auspicious festival of Karma celebrated with zeal across the State.   ð  With 27 per cent tribal population in … Read more

08-09.09.19 Jharkhand (JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND PM to gift 69 Eklavya schools to State: Munda   Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit to State Capital on September 12 will gift 69 Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRSs) to State. The Eklavya Model Residential Schools are planned under the government scheme for a model residential school for tribals in State. Apart … Read more

DMPQ-Write a short note on the Chittagong Armoury raid.

Surya Sen decided to organise an armed rebellion along with his associates—Anant Singh, Gariesh Ghosh and Lokenath Baul to show that it was possible to challenge the armed might of the mighty British Empire. They had planned to occupy two main armouries in Chittagong to seize and supply arms to the revolutionaries to destroy telephone … Read more

Whistleblower’s Role

? Whistleblower Protection and the Fight against Corruption Whistleblower protection is essential to encourage the reporting of misconduct, fraud and corruption. The risk of corruption is significantly heightened in environments where the reporting of wrongdoing is not supported or protected. This applies to both public and private sector environments, especially in cases of bribery: … Read more

DMPQ-Write a short note on Delimitation Commission.

The delimitation commission or boundary commission of India is a commission established by the government of India under the provisions of the delimitation commission Act. The main task of the commission is redrawing the boundaries of the various assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies based on a recent census.  The representation from each State is not … Read more

Fascist Ideology And Its Global Implications

?  Fascist Ideology and its global implications Fascism is an effective political ideology whose central theme is the notion of an organically combined national community, exemplified in a belief in ‘strength through unity’. The individual, in a factual sense, is nothing; individual identity must be completely absorbed into the community or social group. To … Read more

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