DMPQ- Give suggestive measures for inclusive Agricultural Price Policy

Establishment of Some More Agencies

Apart from Food Corporation of India, some more agencies should be set up for ensuring rational prices of other agricultural products and also for procuring other agricultural products. In the meantime the government has already set up Cotton Corporation and Jute Corporation, which needs to be further strengthened.

Extension of the Price Policy

The agricultural price policy should be extended to cover more commodities over and above the 15 commodities covered at present. The commodities like pulses, potato, onion and other important vegetables and fruits may also be covered.


Rationalisation of Price Fixation

The prices of agricultural commodities should be fixed in the most rational manner so that it could cover the entire costs of production. While fixing the prices, the increasing cost of agricultural input should be taken into consideration.

Protection of Consumers

The agricultural prices should be so determined that it can also protect the interest of the general consumers.


The agricultural price policy should be framed in such a manner so that it can induce the farmers to go for modernisation of their agricultural practices.

Improvement in Agricultural Marketing

In order to ensure the success of the agricultural price policy, the improvement of the agricultural marketing system is very important. The farmers should be set free from the clutches of middlemen and all intermediaries.


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