Food Security & Public Distribution System(PDS)

WHO Defines Food security to exists when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. Food security has three interlinked contents such as :- Availability of food, Access to food and absorption of food. Food … Read more

Banking- Role of Commercial Banks, Issue of NPA, Financial Inclusion:-

Table of Content:- Role of Commercial Banks Issue of NPA Financial Inclusion A Commercial bank is a type of financial institution that provides services such as accepting deposits, making business loans, and offering basic investment products There is acute shortage of capital. People lack initiative and enterprise. Means of transport are undeveloped. Industry is depressed. The commercial … Read more

Describe the major iron ore mining areas of the world. 4 marks 2010

Iron ore plays a crucial role in the industrial development of a nation and various iron ore regions of the world are as follows:- 1- USA:- Lake Superior region, Northeastern region, southwestern region, western region. 2- Siegerland region of Germany. 3- China:- Manchuriyan deposits of Anshan, Yangtze valley and Hopie. 4- India:- Bihar and Orissa. … Read more

Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments

The architecture of Rajasthan is mainly based on the Rajput school of architecture which was a blend of the Hindu and Mughal structural design. The stupendous forts, the intricately carved temples and the grand havelis of the state are integral parts of the architectural heritage of the state. The Rajputs were prolific builders. Some of … Read more

Rajasthan Economics-RAS/RTS Mains Topic wise Solved Question Papers

Guess Questions What is the condition of fiscal dificit and borrowing of Rajasthan Rajasthan Finance commission What is the per capita income (Constant and current price) of rajasthan in 2012-13 What is infant mortility rate, total reproduction rate, mother mortility rate, and literacy of rajasthan Role of Private public partnership in infrastructure Development of Rajasthan. … Read more

International Relations-RAS/RTS Mains Topic wise Solved Question Papers

Ias Questions- With respect to the South China sea, maritime territorial disputes and rising tension affirm the need for safeguarding maritime security to ensure freedom of navigation and over flight throughout the region. In this context, discuss the bilateral issues between India and China.12 -2014 The aim of Information Technology Agreements (ITAs) is to lower … Read more

Polity-RAS/RTS Mains Topic wise Solved Question Papers

IAS questions- Starting from inventing the ‘basic structure’ doctrine,the judiciary has played a highly proactive role in ensuring that India develops into a thriving democracy. In light of the statement,evaluate the role played by judicial activism in achieving the ideals of democracy. 12 -2014 Though the federal principle is dominant in our Constitution and that … Read more

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