Rajasthan Economics-RAS/RTS Mains Topic wise Solved Question Papers

Guess Questions

  1. What is the condition of fiscal dificit and borrowing of Rajasthan
  2. Rajasthan Finance commission
  3. What is the per capita income (Constant and current price) of rajasthan in 2012-13
  4. What is infant mortility rate, total reproduction rate, mother mortility rate, and literacy of rajasthan
  5. Role of Private public partnership in infrastructure Development of Rajasthan.
  6. What is the aim of Bhamashah Yojna?
  7. Mukhyamantri Samman Pension Yojna
  8. Describe the targets of 12 five year plan of Rajasthan
  9. Role of Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor in Economic development of Rajasthan
  10. What is the condition of Agriculture in Rajasthan and what are the problems related to Agriculture
  11. What is the condition of Energy in Rajasthan and what is Probability in Future.


1-  Throw some light on the problems experienced in the implementation of MNREGA. 6

2- Sustainable Development. 4

3- Bank Rate. 2


4- Describe the importance of 11th Five year plan in economic development of Rajasthan. 6

4(b)- Indicator of Economic Development. 4

5- Micro Finance. 2

6- Green Accounting. 2


7- Explain in detail the recent programmes for improving the condition and development of roads of Rajasthan. 6

8- Current state of cooperative societies of Rajasthan. 4


9- State about the main source of income relating to the state of Rajasthan. 6


10- Mention any five sectors /areas which would be crucial in the development of Rajasthan in the 21st Century. Explain why? 6

11- Explain salient features of economy of Rajasthan. 4


12- Write five main positive and negative points in assessing the development of Rajasthan after Independence. 6


13- Discuss the distribution of formulae based central assistance for state plans. Suggest modifications , if any , to make it favourable to Rajasthan. 6

13(a)- What are the major problems in the development of cooperative movement? 6

14- Write a short note on the development plans of Rajasthan. 4

15- Nabard. 2


16 – Rajasthan continue to lag behind in Socio-Economic development . Examine this statement and give comments. 20



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