24.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Ride a cycle in ranchi from November   Capital Ranchi will roll out a public cycle sharing scheme, aimed at promoting eco-friendly travel options as a part of Ranchi Smart City project, by the end of November.   Around 60 cycle stations are almost complete in various parts of the city. As many as … Read more

23.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand to set up skill development centres in 30 colleges   The state higher education and technical department listed 12 trades for students who have completed their Plus Two level of education this year and selected 30 colleges across the state to set up skill development centres.   Among 30 colleges selected, 11 are women’s colleges where students who are … Read more

22.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·        Govt plans tourism hub at Sikharchandi ð  Two government agencies have joined hands to take up peripheral development of Sikharchandi, which is located near Chandaka Industrial Estate on city outskirts. ð  The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and the tourism department have planned to make the place more vibrant with recreational facilities so that it … Read more

20-21.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand CM unveils state’s agri-ambitions   Chief minister Raghubar Das pitched Jharkhand as India’s emerging vegetable basket while calling for investments to set up food processing units during a global agriculture and food summit that the state is slated to host in November.   An effective single window system meant that work to set … Read more

19.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Essar completes Rs  8,000-crore capex cycle for 2×600 MW Mahan power project   Essar Power has completed the Rs 8,000 crore capex cycle for 2×600 MW Mahan power project in Madya Pradesh.   The railway siding to receive both domestic coal from pithead mines, as well as imported coal has been completed and the … Read more

18.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND NMDC looks to prospect for diamonds in State   NMDC Ltd had submitted the proposal for Baloda – Belmundi Diamond Block over an area of 156.80 sq km in Saraipali Tehsil of  Mahasamund district for reservation of mining bock  under section 17(A) (2A) of MM (D&R) Amendment Act for  prospecting and exploitation of diamond … Read more

DMPQ: The response of big Industrialist was quite positive towards the launch of civil disobedience movement. Discuss ( History)

The CDM witnessed varying role of different social group and classes . The first stage was high point of bourgeois participation in towns and controlled peasants mobilisation. Industrialist also played a great role in the freedom movement. GD birla donated approximately 5 lakhs rupees to the movement according to British Intelligence estimates. He also persuaded … Read more

DMPQ: What is Horticulture? What are its advantage as a means of source of income for farmers? ( scemes)

Horticulture is the branch of agriculture concerned with intensively cultured plants directly used by man for food , for medicinal purpose or for aesthetic gratification.Horticulture is the science and art involved in the cultivation, propagation, processing and marketing of ornamental plants, flowers, turf, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.   The following are the benefits attached with … Read more

DMPQ: What is Anti microbial resistance?

What is Anti microbial resistance? Ans: Antimicrobial resistance is the ability of a microorganism like bacteria, viruses and some parasites to stop an antimicrobial from working against it . The resistance reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of these drugs, chemicals, or other agents designed to cure or prevent infections. What is VoLTE? Ans: Voice over … Read more

DMPQ: What was the August offer and its significance? (history)

August offer was the proposal from Viceroy Lord Linlithgow to seek the cooperation from the INC during the second world war. It was announced in August 1940. Major proposals of August offer were: 1)     Dominion status as the objective for India. 2)     Expansion of viceroy executive council 3)     No future constitution to be adopted without … Read more

DMPQ: social security benefits is one of the most important aspect of welfare state. In this context discuss the provisions of Pradhan mantrivayavandanda yojana. ( schemes)

with the rise in average life expectancy there is a need to provide the senior citizens with social security. Hence government of India came up with PMVVY to provide pension and hence income security.   Eligibility   A senior citizen above the age of 60 years of age will fall under the scheme.   Available … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the features of citizen amendment bill 2016.( Acts)

Citizen amendment bill (2016) seeks to ease norms for religious minorities from neighbouring countries (non-Muslims) to get Indian citizenship.  But it has polarised regions in borders states like Assam as the locals fear a demographic change might be ushered due to immigration.   Features:   Citizenship Act, 1955 allows an immigrant to apply for citizenship … Read more

17.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand famished, says report   Over half of Jharkhand’s 3-crore-plus population do not have enough food and over one-fourth of the state’s households — 26 per cent — can have only two meals in a day.   statistics like these about a state already tainted by 14 alleged starvation deaths in a year were … Read more

16.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand CM unveils state’s agri-ambitions   Chief minister Raghubar Das pitched Jharkhand as India’s emerging vegetable basket while calling for investments to set up food processing units during a global agriculture and food summit that the state is slated to host in November.   The state government has been consciously trying to change the … Read more

15.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Language Academy in a month in State: CM   Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that the State will be introducing Language Academy within a month.   Government is trying to maximize the use of Hindi in schools, colleges, universities and Government offices. Rajbhasha Aayog should make a policy for making Hindi mandatory in Government … Read more

13-14.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND   CM asks private hospitals to partner in Ayushman Bharat   Chief Minister Raghubar Das held discussions with the representatives of private hospitals like Tata Main Hospital to discuss the possibility of treatment facilities available under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana and Mukhyamantri Swasthya Bima Yojana.   The Chief Minister said that in order … Read more

12.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ‘Save Maa Project’ to screen cervical cancer patients   The Jharkhand government is all set to roll out an ambitious health plan ‘Save Maa Project’ to fish out cervical cancer cases from urban health centres for treatment.   The state government has signed an MoU with Jerath Path Lab of Haryana for conducting liquid-based … Read more

11.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·        Cabinet nod to raise disaster compensation   State cabinet on Thursday approved the proposal declaring heavy rains, snake bites, mines-related disaster, boat accident, drowning, and stampede and gas leakage as special regional disasters. The Government would be providing a predetermined amount of monetary aid to the affected persons in this regard.   The … Read more

DMPQ: Post 1991 Indian economy saw a sudden change in outlook. To bring reforms in the financial sector GOI set up Narsimha committee. Discuss its recommendation.

It was in the wake of the Liberalisation in 1991 that it cecame imperative for the government to reform the financial sector in order to reinvigorate the economy. GOI set up committee under the guidelines of  Narsimha. Recommendation: It advised the RBI not to use CRR as a principal investment of monetary and credit control … Read more

DMPQ: #Metoo movement was recently in news. What is this movement? Also discuss the salient features of the sexual harassment at workplace act, 2013.

This Movement is gathering pace in India in recent days and women are calling out influential men for alleged sexual harassment.  To prevent the sexual harassment at work place GOI came out with the act. The act basically broadens the vishakha guidelines of SC. The major features of the act are as follows: Definition of … Read more

DMPQ: Providing Digital connectivity to all sections will help to create true inclusivity. Bharat Net is a project to accomplish the digital connectivity. Discuss the salient features of Bharat Net. ( schemes)

In the era of digitalisation, achieving digital connectivity is a must for providing socio-economic benefits to the masses. Digital connectivity enhances the pace and efficiency of the pro welfare schemes. In every spheres be education, health, finance, employment etc. digital connectivity can empowered the untouched masses. To realise this Bharat Net has been launched.   … Read more

DMPQ: Subsidies are always been a major tool for the inclusivity. Comment on its efficacy. (Economy)

In India there is large inequality in terms of wealth. To set off this bridge Govt resorts to  subsidies for resource redistribution and to achieve social welfare of the masses. Over the periods of time different political class have used subsidies to garner votes. There are various advantages of subsidies:   Empowerment and security to … Read more

DMPQ: In Subash kashinath Mahajan Vs the state of Maharashtra case , Supreme Court opined that SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act (PoA act) is being misused and checks are needed to prevent such misuse. In this context discuss the provision of the bill?

SC observed that the act has become the tool to persecute innocents and public servants for political and personal gains. This claim has been validated by Parliamentary standing committee report.  So SC banned arrest under the act, without proper nod from officials. It also held that a court can grant anticipatory bail in case of … Read more

DMPQ: Organic farming is one of the solution for sustainable agriculture. In this context discuss the salient features of paramparagat Krishi vikas yojana. ( schemes)

Use of  excessive pesticide has rendered the soil in poor shape.  According to the economic survey the prescribed ratio for N:P:K is 4:2:1. But farmers pattern of use of fertilisers is way distorted. Hence Pramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana has been launched by GOI for promotion of commercial organic production through certified organic farming. Features of … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the features of Nagara style of architecture( history)

  The temples of Nagara style were built on rectangular based platform. The main structure which housed the chief god and chief goddess was known as Garbagriha. The inner walls of garbagriha were plain without any carvings The image of the deities were placed on peetha. Outer walls were decorated by carving different designs and … Read more

DMPQ: (science) Asteroids Meteoroids Meteors Meteorites

Asteroids Ans:   They are small bodied rock that moves around the sun. the asteroid belt in our solar system is found between the Mars and the Jupiter.   Meteoroids Ans:   Due to the collision of two asterroids small fragments break off from each other . These fragments are called Meteoroids.     Meteors Ans:   when … Read more

10.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Much awaited Rani-Jhansi Flyover inaugurated in Delhi   Rani Jhansi Grade separator, the ambitious flyover project in north Delhi was thrown open to public by Union Environment Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan.   The six-lane, 1.8-km grade separator will provide connectivity to St Stephen’s Hospital near the Tiz Hazari Courts complex with Filmstan Cinema and also it will provide a … Read more

DMPQ: What are the causes of diversity in Indian society? (sociology)

Write down Intro Factors: Historical reasons: oldest society in the world. Long time period had led to growth of various social institution in its own way. Geographical reasons: Earlier the geographical barrier were difficult to crossed and hence become the cause for isolation and hence independent development which led to variety. Economic factors: Trade and … Read more

DMPQ: Maternity benefit amendment act (act)

Features of the act   The recently passed bill will amend the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961. ? It increases the paid maternity leave for pregnant women working in the organised sector from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. ? The 26 weeks of leave will be for the first two pregnancies. ? For the third child, … Read more

DMPQ: Differentiate between  Hindustani and Carnatic Music. ( art)

  S.no. HM CM 1. Outcome of assimilation of original Indain Music and Persian music Original Traditional Indian Music 2. Popular in North India Popular in south India 3. More of instrumental type More of vocal type 5. Attached great significance to emotional elements. Attached great significance to devotional elements. 6. Performers are generally solo. … Read more

DMPQ: What is contract farming? What are its advantages? (economy)

Contract farming is a kind of system in which bulk purchaser enters into contract with farmers. It includes agro- processing, exporting and trading units.  They purchase a specified quantity of any agricultural commodity at pre agreed price. Sponsor provides all kind of production support to the contracted farmers. This include extension service also.     … Read more

DMPQ: Define all All four questions are from science- Neutrino, Indian -based Neutrino observatory, Goldilock zone, Internet of things

Neutrino Ans:   Neutrinos are one of the fundamental particles which make up the universe and second most abundant particle in the universe after photon. Neutrinos are similar to electron with one crucial difference that they don not carry electric charge.   Indian -based Neutrino observatory Ans:   It is being set up in Bodhi west Hill, … Read more

DMPQ: write down the features of Indian society. ( Society)

  Highly evolved society. Assimilatory in character. Presence of highly developed social institutions. A mix of traditionalism and modernity is also visible in Indian society. A balance of spiritualism and Modernity. Secular outlook and tolerant behaviour. Indian society is majorly patriarchal ( add patrilocal and patrilineal)in character. Indian society is multi class in character. Multi … Read more

DMPQ: Explain in brief the provisions of POSCO ( Acts) (Polity)

With the intent to effectively address the evil of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children, Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) was passed by the parliament in the year 2012. “Children” according to the Act are individuals aged below 18 years. The Act is gender neutral. Different forms of sexual abuse including … Read more

09.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ‘Birsamati’ to represent BAU at Global Agriculture Summit   The maiden Global Agriculture and Food Summit of Jharkhand Government scheduled to be organised in Ranchi on November 29-30 would see besides participations coming from across the world, some path breaking researches taken place at home.   Premier agriculture university of Jharkhand Birsa Agriculture University … Read more

08.10.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs

JHARKHAND CM declares Bokaro completely electrified   Bokaro followed the footsteps of Ramgarh when it became second district after Ramgarh to get the tag of completely electrified district. Every household of the district has been provided with power connection under the Deendayal Upadhayay Gram Jyoti Scheme and Saubhagya Scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi … Read more

DMPQ: Explain the following:        1)   Sanskritisation        2) Working capital        3) Caste system        4) Social accounting

What is Sanskritization? Ans:  Sanskritization or Sanskritisation is a particular form of social change found in India. It denotes the process by which castes placed lower in the caste hierarchy seek upward mobility by emulating the rituals and practices of the upper or dominant castes. It is a process by which a low caste or … Read more

DMPQ: 44th Amendment Act 1978, not just reversed the distorted provisions of 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976, but also inserted some safeguards for preventing the gross misuse of power. In the light of above statement, outline the important changes brought through 44th Amendment act.

The 44th amendment to the Indian Constitution was passed after the revocation of internal emergency in 1977. It annulled many anti-democratic provisions of the 42nd amendment enacted during the emergency. It also tried to ensure that in future, an emergency would not be easily imposed, also added some features to prevent any future misuse of … Read more

DMPQ: What is Industrial revolution 4.0? Major components of IR 4.0? What are the advantages for India?

The fourth industrial revolution is a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another. The 4threvolution will be characterized by the advent of cyber-physical systems which, while being reliant on the technologies and infrastructure of the third industrial revolution, represent entirely new ways in which technology becomes … Read more

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