30.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         Enforcement of tobacco Act near schools poor in Jharkhand, Bihar ð  The states of Jharkhand and Bihar have lagged behind in taking action against violators of tobacco Act near educational institutions in comparison to other states, said a report of the union ministry of health and family welfare. ð  According to report in … Read more

28-29.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND GPS-based software to prevent lightning deaths   This Independence Day, Jharkhand is set to launch its own Global Positioning System (GPS) based software, which will prevent casualties and deaths caused by lightning strikes by sending alert messages over phone to commoners.   The software, designed by Jharkhand Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (JAPIT), … Read more

27.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND State to launch logistic policy soon   The State Government is planning to launch a logistic policy soon. The announcement was made during the regional council meeting of CII Easter Region which was held after nine years in Ranchi.   The government and industries need to collectively address the issues in order to make … Read more

DMPQ:What is the difference between Ethics and law?

Ethics Law It tells what a man ought to do Law tell what man can and cannot do. Man is guilty even if he think so Guilty only if committed the crime Ethical has larger scope Narrow scope as compared to Ethics Law can be used as tool to enforce ethics Ethics sometimes is the … Read more

DMPQ:Why do earthquake occur? Which regions of the world are highly prone to earthquakes and why? Analyse.

Main causes of the earthquake are plate tectonics, volcaniceruption or anthropogenic activities like explosions, reservoir induced seismicity etc. There is arelease of huge amount of energy in the form of sound and seismic waves causing shaking of earth’s surface. The regions which are on the  boundaries of the tectonic plates are more prone to earthquake.  … Read more

DMPQ:What are Grasslands? Name some of the grasslands of world and mention the importance of grasslands.

Grasslands are areas dominated by grasses. They occupy about 20% of theland on the earth surface. Grasslands occur in both in tropical and temperate regions whererainfall is not enough to support the growth of trees. Grasslands are known by variousnames in different parts of the world.Grasslands are found in areas having well defined hot and … Read more

DMPQ:There are some inherent vulnerabilities in the Indian economy. Without addressing them sustaining high growth will be a daunting task. What are these inherent vulnerabilities?

Indian economy has some inherent vulnerabilities and that is becoming hurdle in holistic development of the economy. These areas are as follows: Investment rate is on decline. It is near about 29%. It has to be 36-38% for sustaining high growth rate as per economic survey. Investment is way better than savings as engine of … Read more

DMPQ- Evaluate the role of Mass media as pressure group.

Mass media plays a vital role in showcasing happenings of politics and life of common people around. It help in a great way to educate the mass in politics. This knowledge act as power and help to choose the right party, right candidate and putting pressure on political parties, ruling government to take action against … Read more

DMPQ- What is the significance of Biomarker?

In medicine, a biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of somedisease state. More generally a biomarker is anything that can be used as an indicator of aparticular disease state or some other physiological state of an organism. A biomarker can be a substance that is introduced into an organism as a … Read more

DMPQ- Write down a short note on the initiative Shakti.

SHAKTI stands for Scheme for Harnessing and allocating Koyala Transparency in India. It is a  transformational policy for auction and allotment of coal linkages. This policy will award fuel supply agreements to coal plants already holding letter of assurance. Coal linkage would be allocated to state owned power distribution companies. The major objective to bring … Read more

DMPQ- West Asia holds a complimentary value for India . Comment

West Asia is an important region in terms of energy security, investment, maintenance of law order and overall economic development of sub continent. The complimentary value can be quantified as: West Asia absorb much of India`s cheap labor. Around 7 million Indian works in WestAsia. It provide with huge amount of remittance. India has highest … Read more

Revised Notes and Live Class- Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization Indus valley civilization or Harappan civilization, the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent. The nuclear dates of the civilization appear to be about 2500–1700 BCE, though the southern sites may have lasted later into the 2nd millennium BCE. The civilization was first identified in 1921 at Harappa in the Punjab … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on SHe-box.

It seeks to ensure effective implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 Once a complaint is submitted to the portal, it will be directly sent to the ICC/LCC of the concerned authority having jurisdiction to take action intothe matter.Both, Ministry of Women & Child Development Ministry as well … Read more

DPPQ- Sources of Indian Constiturion

Provisions related to the office of governor are borrowed from GOI Act of 1935 British Constitution US Constitution Canadian Constitution option1   Question:-Provisions related to rule of law are borrowed from GOI Act of 1935 British Constitution US Constitution Canadian Constitution option2   Question:-Provisions related to Fundamental Rights are borrowed from GOI Act of 1935 … Read more

DPPQ- Sailent Features of the Constitution

Original constitution of 1949 has how many articles? 319 421 395 439 option3   Question:-Change of State boundry needs Special Majority under Art 368 Special majority and ractification by half of the states Simple Majority None option3   Question:-Flexiblity of Indian constitution is a……….. Feature. Fedral Unitary Both None option2   Question:-Indian constitution has been … Read more

DPPQ- Major Articles of Indian Constitution

Uniform Civil Code is mentioned in the article 32 42 44 34 option3   Question:-Organization of Village Panchayat  is mentioned in the article 38 42 44 40 option4   Question:-Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institute  is mentioned in the article 27 28 29 30 option4   Question:-Freedom of speech is protected  under … Read more

DPPQ- Indus Valley Civilization

Question:-Harappa was first discovered in 1919 1921 1923 1925 option2   Question:-Harappa was discovered by Dayaram Saini D. Banarjee Sir John Marshal P. Joshi option1   Question:-Mohenjodaro was discovered by Dayaram Saini D. Banarjee Sir John Marshal P. Joshi option2   Question:-Dholavira was discovered by Dayaram Saini D. Banarjee Sir John Marshal P. Joshi option4 … Read more

DMPQ:Financial inclusion is a significant aspect with respect to our economy. What is the significance of Financial Inclusion? What are the measures taken for Financial Inclusion?

Financial inclusion has been recognised as a key building block which will form the foundation for achieving several of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  As a construct, it provides much more than access to financial services.  In a country like India, till a few years ago, a bank account was a source of pride.  If properly … Read more

DPPQ- Economic Developement and Indian Rankings

India’s rank in Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2019 is 71 58 80 132 option3   Question:-India’s rank in Global Competitiveness Index by WEF is 71 58 80 132 option2   Question:-India’s rank in International Intellectual Property (IP) Index 2019 26 36 46 56 option2   Question:-India’s rank in World Economic Forum (WEF) gender gap … Read more

DMPQ:What is Attitude? Write down the characteristics of attitude?

Attitudes are the complex combination of things we tend to call personality, beliefs,values, behaviours, and motivations. It can fall anywhere along a continuum from very favourable to very unfavourable. All people, irrespective of their status or intelligence, hold attitudes. Characteristics of Attitude: Enduring: Integral component of personality Acquired: Developed through socialisation. Subject-Object relationship: Objectification of … Read more

DPPQ- Ancient History Basic Mock

In India, Ancient Iron Age is attached with Gray Pottery Black and Red Pottery Ocher Coloured Pottery Northern Black Polish Pottery option1   Question:-Which among the following is the oldest dynasty Maurya Gupta Kushan Kanva option1   Question:-Ashoka sent missionaries to China and Kashmir Tibet and Ceylon Tibet and China Kashmir and Ceylon option2   … Read more

DMPQ:Constitution of India ensured a cordial relation between centre and state. But over the period of time lot of tension areas developed. What are the tension areas between centre and state?

These are as follows: Mode of appointment and dismissal of Governor Discriminatory and partisan role of governor Imposition of president’s rule Deployment of center forces in the states to maintain law and order Reservation of state bills for the consideration of the president Discrimination in financial allocations to the states Role of planning commission (now … Read more

26.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND New air routes for State soon Air connectivity in Jharkhand will increase in the coming days with Government of India’s project Udaan. There are a total of 706 routes identified for air connectivity in small cities across the country. In Jharkhand, the airline operators have been allotted the routes from Jamshedpur-Kolkata, Bokaro-Kolkata, Bokaro-Patna, Dumka-Kolkata … Read more

25.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND ·         Nutri gardens to curb malnutrition in Jharkhand After successful implementation in two blocks of Lohardaga district, the State Social Welfare Directorate is all set to implement the nutri garden project across Jharkhand.   The project has been implemented in 30 anganwadi centres in each of the two blocks where the Anganwadi workers provide … Read more

DMPQ:- Why most of the battles were fought in Panipat?

Most of the invaders came from the north-western region, for them Panipat enroute to Delhi and positioned as a suitable battle field. Panipat is a plain, less sloped area and had less population. This geographical feature gave an advantage to the rulers to use tactical weapons and to employ sound war strategy. The area is … Read more

DMPQ:-What is ITCZ? What is its utility?

It is a belt of low pressure which circles the Earth generally near the equator where the trade winds of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres come together. It is characterised by convective activity which generates often vigorous thunderstorms over large areas. It is most active over continental land masses by day and relatively less active … Read more

DMPQ:-Write a short note on Blue Carbon Initiative?

UNEP’s Blue Carbon Initiative aims to develop a global partnership to advance the sound management of coastal and marine ecosystems in order to ensure that their carbon sequestration and storage functions are maintained, and emissions of greenhouse gases are avoided.  The initiative aims at achieving the following overall targets by 2025: Reversing the current trend … Read more

DMPQ:-Climate change is going to affect the agriculture sector most. Discuss the ways through which the effect of Climate change can be prevented?

According to the economic survey, the farm incomes will be dropped by 12% on an average in the coming years with potential losses amounting to 18% of the revenue. The method to prevent the effect are: Fully irrigating Indian agriculture through technologies of drip irrigation, sprinklers, and water management—captured in the “more crop for every … Read more

24.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Patent Cell to be set up in State soon   The grassroot level entrepreneurs will soon get an easier way to get their products patented as the State is all set to have its very own patent cell in the coming days. Jharkhand Science, technology and Innovation Council (JSTIC) is all set to set … Read more

23.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Mukhiyas, headmasters to monitor PDS anomalies   Village Mukhiyas, school headmasters and Anganwadi Sevikas will soon monitor the functioning of Public Distribution System (PDS) in rural Jharkhand and highlight anomalies in the distribution of food grains to villagers.   The decision has been taken in the backdrop of growing number of complaints against PDS … Read more

21-22.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Jharkhand to get its own World Trade Centre   The Department of Industries has got the Centre’s nod for construction of a World Trade Centre (WTC) at the upcoming Smart City in suburban Ranchi   The WTC, will boost the State’s industrial aspirations and attract investments. The infrastructure will act as a one-stop-centre for … Read more

DMPQ:Explain the open market operations of RBI.

Open market operations is the sale and purchase of securities, bills and bonds of government as well as private financial institutions by the Central Bank. This is one of the qualitative too available with the central bank to deal with inflation and money supply in the economy. Functioning:  If the central bank sells these instruments, … Read more

DMPQ:Ocean Acidification is one of the key effect of global warming. What is Ocean Acidification and How does it affect the marine ecosystem ?

When Carbon dioxide mixes with ocean water it lowers the pH and causes acidification. The level of atmospheric CO2 is increasing after industrial revolution . This increase in CO2 lowers the pH and hence the acidity.  When CO2 reacts with H2O it forms weak carbonic acid. It furtherreacts with water to release bicarbonate ions and … Read more

DMPQ:Attaining impeccable integrity is a daunting task but there is negative perception in Public regarding survival of impeccable integrity. According to you what are the reasons for such Perceptions?

Integrity is the full convergence of actions and thoughts. When these two components meet impeccable integrity is achieved. It is one of the foundational values which are expected of civil servant. But there is public perception that integrity cannot be achieved. The reasons are as follows: There is a general perception that people with impeccable … Read more

DMPQ:The advent of British no doubt bring hardship, plunder, famine etc. But the British rule left behind some positive developments too. Do you agree ?

200 years of British rule had some positive developments too and they eventually led to the formation of Modern India. The positive developments are as follows: Economy: A well-developed railway network across India. Immediately after independence, India could setup heavy industries because of this reason. Telegraph and postal system – post offices till today form … Read more

DMPQ:Directive Principles of States Policy is not an effective tool and they are just constitutional instrument without much substance. Discuss.

DPSP prima facie appears to be not an effective tool as they are non justiciable, non enforceable unlike Fundamental rights. Further their implementation are at the will of the Politicians and law makers.  But outright rejection of DPSP and terming them ineffective will be injustice to the constitution makers. They have their own benefits: Dr … Read more

DMPQ:What is VOIP and write its advantages.

VOIP is IP enabled voice calling technology over internet. Example: Skype, Yahoo messenger,MSN messenger.It requires broadband connectivity to make a call along with IP enables  like Computers,Smartphone etc.The voice is converted into digital packets and transmitted to destination over packet switchednetwork. Advantages of VOIP are: Cost of calling is cheaper than normal phone. No need … Read more

DMPQ:Write a short note on Troposphere.

It is the lower most layer of atmosphere. It extends up to 18km at equator, 13 km at midlatitude and about 8km at poles.It contains approximately 90% of the total mass of the atmosphere.The entire weather phenomenon takes place in this layer. It contains all the watervapour, dust particles, clouds etc. In troposphere the temperature … Read more

DMPQ:Article 21 of the constitution has gotten more dimensions and scope due to Supreme Court Judgement. This liberal interpretation has led to the real broadening of fundamental rights. Comment

Article 21 of the Constitution says that “No person shall be deprived of his life or personalliberty except according to procedure established by law.” It is the most precious andsacrosanct right. Having found it to be inadequate and unrealistic in view of the changing socio-economic needs and aspirations of the society, the Supreme Court resorted … Read more

20.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Govt declares Deoghar Basukinath Shravani Mela ‘no tobacco zone’   State government has declared the Deoghar Basukinath Shrawani Mela area no tobacco zone under Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) 2003.   Every year 10 to 12 lakh people die in country from tobacco . In Jharkhand 38.9% people consume different products of … Read more

DMPQ:Write a short note on Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is a non-binding and voluntary implementation plan of United Nations with regard to sustainable development. Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally,nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System,Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which humanimpacts on the environment. Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration … Read more

19.07.19 Jharkhand(JPSC) Daily Current Affairs

JHARKHAND Govt to invest 90 % funds for select industries in Bokaro   Bokaro will be developed as a production center for certain products. There are huge scope for the industries including automobiles, general engineering goods, Iron and Steel products for domestic use.   For establishing such industries the Government will arrange 90 per cent … Read more

DMPQ:Write a short note on Totipotency.

Many somatic plant cells, including some fully differentiated types (e.g. leaf mesophyll),provided they contain intact nuclear, plastid and mitochondrial genomes, have the capacity to regenerate into whole plants. This phenomenon is totipotency.Totipotent cells from plants have been used in tissue-culture techniques to produce improved plant materials that are pathogen-free and disease-resistant. Totipotent cells fromanimals are … Read more

DMPQ:Indian constitution in true sense do not follow the perfect separation of power. Do you agree with the statement. If Yes, Why?

Indian constitution is based on the clear but delicate principle of limited separation of powers and responsibilities between different arms of Government, a precondition for smooth functioning of a government. But there are provisions and functioning where there are overlapping of functional areas. For example: Legislature- President is head but works on advice of CoM, … Read more

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