Minerals in rajasthan

1.metalic minerals



Although Rajasthan is not rich in Iron ore deposits but the available deposits of iron ore are of high quality. Various iron ore fields of Rajasthan are as follows:-

1- North Eastern Fields:- It has following areas

  • Morija-Banol Area in Amber tehsil of Jaipur
  • Nimalo-Raisalo Area near Dausa
  • Dabla-Singhana-Neem Ka Thana in Jhunjunu

2- South Easter Fields:- It has following areas

  • Nathra Ka Pal -east of Udaipur
  • Thur Hunder Deposits- north-west of Udaipur


  • Rajasthan is poor in Mangnese resources which are used in preparation of steel, fertilizers,chemical pigments, paints and vanishes.
  • The deposits of mangenese are found in Banswara and Sawaibandhopur districs
  • new deposits have been surveyed in Jaipur and Alwar districts


State has third rank after Bihar and Andhra pradesh in Copper production. the mazor copper mining belts are:-

  1. Khetri-Singhana Belt-Jhunjhunu
  2. Kho-Dariba Belt- South west of alwar
  3. Delwara Kevroli- Sirohi District

Zinc and Lead

Zinc and Lead are found together and separated through process of refining process. Rajasthan is ranked 1st in zinc with 75 million tonnes of reserves in the state. Udaipur district has the maximum concentration of resources followed by Bhilwara. Various Zinc and Lead mining regions of the state are:-

  1. South eastern region- near Udaipur
  2. North eastern region- Sawai Madhopur and Alwar Districts
  3. Central Region- Bhilwara District.


  • Rajasthan is te only producer of Tungsten which is used in making iron alloys, bulbs.
  • the only source of mineral is Degana in Nagaur District.

Rajasthan has a monopoly over the non-metallic mineral resources.

2. Nonmetalic minerals


  • Gypsum has great use in fertilizers,plaster of paris,cement,paints and medicine.
  • Deposits of Gypsum are found in the Paleochannels ie the riverbeds of ancient rivers.

Different gypsum producing areas of state are:-

  1. Nagaur District
  2. Bikaner-Gangnagar District
  3. Churu District
  4. Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Barmer Districts


  • Mica forms a major constituent of pegmatites and is chiefly used in electrical insulation.
  • The mazor mica producing belt of rajasthan runs from NE-SW direction

Major belts are:-

  1. North Eastern Mica Belts- Tonk and Jaipur
  2. South Western Mica Belt- Bhilwara and Rajsamand
  3. Scattered Mica Belt- Sikar



  • Its used in Glass, Pottery and enamel industries.
  • Rajasthan is the chief producer of felspar in the country
  • Major areas are- Jaipur,Ajmer,Pali,Tonk and Sikar


  • Its mainly an insulating mineral and is used for cement,roofing sheets and pipes.
  • Kherwara and Rikhabdeo are the main areas of Abestos production
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