DMPQ: Explain the following schemes: a) Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojna: b) R- SETI:

  1. a) Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojna:


The state is a victim of rampant trafficking and witch hunting, making the survival of the affected women difficult. Keeping in view of this problem, the state government launched the Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojna  to the single women or women headed households in special circumstances.

  • Beneficiary selected on the basis of socio-caste economic census,2011
  • The eligible beneficiary includes widows, divorced or deserted women, female victims of atrocities and those whose husbands are missing for more than 3 years.




  1. b) R- SETI: The objective of the scheme is to make youth of the state self relian. In this direction 24 operational RSETIs in each district and a rural development and self employment training institute in Sili Ranchi. A total of 676 training were conducted in which a total of 19,605 candidates were trained across Jharkhand. Since inception till FY2016-17, a total of 2,880 trainings have been conducted with 85,030 candidates trained through the RSETI program.
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