DMPQ: Discuss the following schemes 1) Mukhaymantri Dal Bhaat Yojana: 2) Patr Grihast Yojana:

Mukhaymantri Dal Bhaat Yojana


Through this scheme, a meal is provided to the poor at Rs. 5 per meal. The meal include es200 grams of rice, lentils and vegetables. The centre moderator of these centres is provided vegetables, channa dal and soyabean free of cost. The moderator has to pay Rs. 1 per kg to the state government for the rice. 375 Dal- Bhat Kendras have been proposed in this financial year. At present, 12 Ratri Dal-Bhat Centres are running in the state. A proposal has been presented to transfer all dhal-bhat kendras running on government land into Adarsh Kendras. In addition to this, during the financial year 2016-17mobile kitchens were initiated on a pilot basis. These kitchen targeted clusters of daily wage earners or village Hats in Ranchi, Jamshedpur,Dhanbad and Palamu. This scheme is slatedto be extended to other districts in the state.


Patr Grihast Yojana


The Patr Grihast Yojana was implemented in the State from 1st October 2015. Under NFSA, the Central Government aims to provide rice and wheat at Rs. 3and Rs.2 per kg respectively. The State Government aims to provide the food grains (rice and wheat) at a subsidized rate of Rs.1 per kg. An amount of Rs. 552.71 Crore is proposed for the financial year 2017-18.


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