DMPQ: Food security is one of the prime objective of a welfare state. Name the department which ensures food security and state its objective.

To provide food security to the needy ones is the main objective of the Department of Food, Public distribution and Consumer affairs. The department aims to supply food grains to  poor families of the state within a specified time period at a subsidized rate, which is a challenging task.


In order to come existing challenges, the department has identified some targets. The main focus of the department is as follows:


  • Computerisation of all operations related to the Public distribution system and the use of technology for improving the service delivery.


  • To enhance the storage capacity of the existing godowns.


  • To ensure welfare of the farmers, primitive tribes, the consumers and labourers through various departmental schemes.


  • To monitor the consumer affairs activities in the state. At the district level it aims to do so through district consumer fora and at the state level through the Jharkhand consumer disputes redressal commission. These bodies have been constituted under Consumer protection Act,1986





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