DMPQ: Urbanisation is an inevitable process . Discuss the problems associated with with special reference to Jharkhand.

With 24 per cent of its population living in urban areas, Jharkhand has immense scope for urbanization in the decades to come. But the stark inter-regional disparities in the spatial distribution of urban population and its growth being spatially confined in a limited number of urban centres can have far reaching ramifications in the form of copious rise of the urban poor which remains residentially deprived and face deprivation in terms of other housing amenities as well. About 72% of the total slum population of the state resides in few cities only.


Access to housing is also a problem with rapid urbanization. Jharkhand has about 60% of the urban households residing in census houses which were reported in good condition. About 40% of the urban households have access to closed waste water outlet condition. This speaks about the poor hygienic condition of the urban cities. About 72% of them have access to improved sanitation in terms of the water seal latrine facility exclusively for the household.


Jharkhand is substantially improving on the cleanliness and sanitation status. Chas,

Jamshedpur, Giridih and Hazaribagh appearedamong the 100 cleanest cities/towns of India. Ranchismart city has been proposed as a lighthouse project for other cities of the country. The major flagship schemes of urban development operational in the state such as AMRUT, DAY-NULM and PMAY-HFA (urban) aim to provide employment and livelihood opportunities, urban housing, housing amenities and services to the urban households including the urban poor. They are specifically targeted to inclusively improve the quality of life for the urban dwellers.


(Read about AMRUT, DAY-NULM, and PMAY-HFA and write in the answer or atleast make a note on it)



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