Prelims Mock Quizes for 2019 Prelims Exam

We have planned to Launch Prelims Mock Quizes for 2019 Prelims Exam in line of our Daily Mains Practice Question. The program will be initially free like dmpq and will be assesible on our android app only.

  • We will be covering the entire syllabus in 3 months.
  • The pattern will be 2 quizes on each subject daily totalling about 200 MCQ Questions.
  • Even though the program will be free but prior registration is must through android app.

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Basic idea about the quizzes.

  • The quizzes will be topic wise like History will have quizzes for example Surat Split (One Quiz covering all aspects) and so on.
  • A description and video lecture discussion may be provided for quizes depending on the response of the students.


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