DMPQ- How can we Preserve our Intangible Cultural Heritage? Give suggestive measures.

  • Arts strengthen cultural values. Formal theatrical performances, sculptures, paintings, music and food festivals, paintings, folk tales, songs, novels, poems, martial arts and crafts groups, all these should be encouraged.
  • To be kept alive, intangible cultural heritage must remain relevant to a culture and be regularly practiced and learned within communities and between generations. The issue of festivals attracts people from far and near and during such occasion, each tribe celebrates a festival to portray the culture of their people.
  • Traditional music and dance project the cultural identity and heritage. Indigenous musical instruments, such as dhol, pepa etc. are used on such festivals. The importance of cultural celebrations is that they help to imprint the Assamese culture in the minds of both the present and future generation.
  • Campaigns amongst the masses should be done to honor revolution and national resistance wars, commemorate national heroes and martyrs, appreciate our cultural well-known men, pay gratitude to revolutionarily credited people etc.

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