DMPQ- What is Social Security?

Social sufferings such as poverty, unemployment and disease are the sound grounds for advocating the provisions of social security measures in India as national programme.

Social security is a dynamic conception which is considered in all advanced countries of the world as an indispensable of the national programme with the development of the idea of the welfare state; it has been considered to be the most essential for the industrial workers, though it includes all sections of society.

Social security is that security which the society furnishes through appropriate organisation, against certain risks or contingencies to which its members are exposed. These risks are essentially contingencies, against which the individual cannot afford by his small means and by his ability or fore sight alone.

As the State stands for the general well-being of the people, it is the duty of the state to promote social security which may provide the citizens with benefits, designed to prevent or cure disease, to support him when he is not able to earn and to restore him the gainful activity.


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