DMPQ:What is Sustainable Agriculture system? What are its components?

A farming systems that are “capable of maintaining their productivity and usefulness to society indefinitely and must be resource-conserving, socially supportive, commercially competitive,and environmentally sound.”

Major components of sustainable agricultural system

  1. Soil and water conservation to prevent degradation of soil productivity
  2. Efficient use of limited irrigation water without leading to problems of soil salinity,alkalinity and high ground water table
  1. Crop rotations that mitigate weed, disease and insect problems, increase soil productivity and minimize soil erosion
  1. Integrated nutrient management that reduces the need for chemical fertilizers  improves the soil health and minimizes environmental pollution by conjunctive use of  organics, in-organics and bio-fertilizers.
  1. Integrated pest management that reduces the need for agrochemicals by crop rotation,  weather monitoring, use of resistant cultivar, planting time and biological pest control.
  1. Management system to control weed by preventive measures, tillage, timely inter cultivation and crop rotation to improve plant health
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