Economy of Jharkhand for JPSC Prelims Examination


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  • Jharkhand Economy: Features,Issues, Challenges and Strategics
  • Economic growth and structure of Jharkhand’seconomy, sectoral  composition, growth in SDP and per capita NSDP In last decade,  Agricultural and industrial growth in jharkhand
  • Demographic features of Jharkhand : population growth, sex ratio,  density, literacy,composition of work force, rural-urban composition etc. with special reference to Census of 2001 and 2011,inter district variations.
  • Status of poverty, unemployment, food security, malnutrition,  education and health indicators In Jharkhand, major initiatives, Issues of agricultural and rural development, major programs and schemes; poverty alleviation programs; PURA,Bharat Nirman,MGNREGA, PMGSY, SCSY, 1AY, NRLM etc. Food security schemes
  • Land, forest and environmental issuesin Jharkhand : land reforms and  agrarian relations, tribal land alienation, development induced displacement of people;its impacts and policy initiatives; Forest issues and implementation of FRA, Environmental degradation and State policy to deal with to,
  • Five year plans in Jharkhand strategy and achievement in X and Xlth plan, TSP and SCSP, Public finance trends in Jharkhand,Industrial policy in Jharkhand and industrial development
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