DMPQ- Write a short note on the Globally Important agricultural Heritage system.

Global important agricultural Heritage systems are outstanding landscapes of aesthetic beauty that combine agricultural biodiversity and ecosystem and valuable cultural heritage. It is designated by the Food and agricultural organization (FAO).

Its goal and objective include: to leverage global and national recognition of the importance of agricultural Heritage systems-capacity building of local farming communities and local and national institutions-to promote enabling regulatory policies and incentive environments to support the conservation-.It also aims to achieve food security and poverty alleviation.

Indian sites include: ( DRAW MAP FOR EXTRA MARKS)

  1. Kuttanad below sea level farming system in Kerala
  2. Koraput traditional agriculture in Odisha
  3. Saffron heritage of Kashmir
  4. Grand Anicut and associated farming system in Cauvery delta zone of Tamilnadu

The proposed GIAHS sites are generally assessed based on the following five:

o Food and livelihood security

o Agro-biodiversity

o Local and Traditional Knowledge systems

o Cultures, Value systems, and Social Organisations

o Landscapes and Seascapes Features


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