DMPQ-Discuss the future of globalization amid the pandemic crisis.

. The rise of the liberal international order has been a major factor in the growing movement of people across borders, whether for purposes of supply chains and distribution networks, international finance and the flow of money, employment, study or tourism. But this globalization has also allowed the entire world to be much more aware of the spread of the corona virus, and it may ultimately be a powerful force for its own undoing.

There are two sides to the globalization coin. On the positive side, the cross-border flow of people, goods, money and information creates new wealth and opportunity. On the negative side, though, it can exacerbate global disparities, enable international terrorism and cross-border crime, and allow for the rapid spread of disease.

Countries around the world are now responding by restricting the movement of people, blocking the entry of people from countries particularly hard hit by the coronavirus or requiring inbound travelers to self-quarantine for a period of time. Of course, once the pandemic has eased, these restrictions will surely be removed. But with this new awareness of the risks associated with the free movement of people, there are some who may avoid future life, business or leisure plans that require crossing borders.

National borders may become less porous in terms of industry and the movement of people when compared to the 30 years of globalization seen since the end of the Cold War, with sharper lines drawn between domestic and foreign and a move away from dependence on international relationships.

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