DMPQ: Write short note on S 400

Features of S 400:

  • It is among the best air defence systems.
  • It is based on a multifunctional system that can drop missiles at different speeds.
  • It can target aircrafts (up to 5th generations), cruise and ballistic missiles by supersonic and hypersonic missiles of the system.
  • It can address the incoming targets at a range of 400 kms and a height of 30-40 kms.
  • It can neutralise 36 targets at one time in the range of 400 kms.
  • Its radar detection system has a range of 600kms and can target 100-300 targets.
  • It has 12 launchers equipped with missiles which can be launched within 5 minutes.

The S-400 Air Defence System deal with Russia will give India the power to secure its land and air boundaries. Its unique system makes it indispensable against Pakistan and China and will also protect it from there nuclear threats. Its deployment in a way makes it impossible for enemy missiles to enter Indian air space.

India will be able to secure a nearly 4000 km long boundary line with China. It will be easy to track activities of Chinese army in Tibet.


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