DMPQ-Status of Public health is an important aspect for a country. In the light of the statement, comment on the status of Public Health.

Public health is an important aspect of an country. Affordable and accessible Quality health care ensures creation of quality of human capital. It also reduces out of the pocket expenditure on health which can be utilised by Individual for other productive activity like education, wealth creation. Since Independence, India has done well to deal and has brought IMR,MMR to manageable level. Our life expectancy has increased. But still there are some issues which are discussed below:

  • Spending on health is just 1% of GDP which has to be minimum 2.5% of GDP. It need to be addressed by having innovative ideas like Health cess can  bridge this expenditure gap.
  • Our primary health centres are poor in shape. The infrastructure, Human capital are not adequately available. Our doctor to population ratio is 1:1647 which should be 1:1000 as per WHO recommendation.
  • Our Preparedness to fight the new form of diseases like viral disease is still not full proof. It has to be addressed in the wake of rise in such deadly disease. Ex. Coronavirus.
  • Medical graduates and the nursing staff are low on soft skills to give their services at block level. The curriculum need to be dynamic and should add the communication and sensitisation courses.
  • The rise of Life style diseases, non communicable diseases, drug abuse needs different approach from the conventional one.
  • Issues related to regulatory nature of Medical fraternity. Medical council of India ahs proved to be inefficient.


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