DMPQ- Need of Emotional quotient is prerequisite for better administration and ultimately e governance. Suggest ways to improve EQ.

EQ is very important and the techniques to improve EQ are as follows:

  • Sensitivity Training: Helps the person to known his limitations and how his limitations affect his interpersonal ties. Improve inter personal competence and social competence.
  • Role Playing: Helps us understand challenges associated with other roles better. Harness and express his creativity. Helps in release penta-feelings and emotions.
  • Assertiveness Training: To exercise controlled aggression. It teaches the techniques of gamesmanship so that we are able to speak out on issue that matter to us.
  • Ego building behaviour: Promoting individual self esteem
  • Shame attacking exercises.
  • Relaxation techniques exercises – Meditation, yoga etc.
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Attention Focus Training
  • Communication Training for verbal effectiveness and nonverbal cues (eye contact)

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