DMPQ-How does Article 371-F of Indian constitution Makes Sikkim a special state.

. The 36th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1975 made Sikkim a full-fledged state of the Indian Union. It included a new Article 371-F containing special provisions with respect to Sikkim. These are as follows:

  • The Sikkim Legislative Assembly is to consist of not less than 30 members.
  • One seat is allotted to Sikkim in the Lok Sabha and Sikkim forms one Parliamentary constituency.
  • For the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of the different sections of the Sikkim population, the Parliament is empowered to provide for the:
  • Number of seats in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly which may be filled by candidates belonging to such sections; and
  • delimitation of the Assembly constituencies from which candidates belonging to such sections alone may stand for election to the Assembly.
  • The Governor shall have special responsibility for peace and for an equitable arrangement for ensuring the social and economic advancement of the different sections of the Sikkim population. In the discharge of this responsibility, the Governor shall act in his discretion, subject to the directions issued by the President.
  • The President can extend (with restrictions or modifications) to Sikkim any law which is in force in a state of the Indian Union.

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