DMPQ Premium- Give a brief description of Adi dharma (Sarana cult) of Jharkhand tribes.

Adi Dharam refers to the tribal religion or the traditional religion or the indigenous religion or the Adivasi religion of the indigenous peoples of India. It is an umbrella term used to denote the religion of indigenous peoples of India. The term ‘Adi Dharam’ was made popular by the tribal scholar and philosopher Ram Dayal Munda when he sought to unite the ancestral beliefs of the all the indigenous people of India.

Sarna temples are called sthal or asthal, and can be found in villages, while worship can be performed also in jaher, or sacred groves. Sal trees are present both in the temples and the sacred grove. The ceremonies are performed by the whole village community at a public gathering with the active participation of village priests, pahan. The chief assistant of village priest is called Naike.

The second important component of the Sacred Complex is the sacred performances, mainly performed by the village priest. Sacred performances are the sets of rites and rituals performed by worshippers at different sacred centres. The sacred performances are mainly dedicated to God, deities and ancestors etc. In performing puja, they mainly use the vermilion, arwa rice (red rice), flower etc. The new cereals like maize or paddy are also offered. They celebrate sacred performance for the blessing of God and good wishes for health, happiness and rich harvest etc.