DMPQ-Write short note on the Amravati school of art.

Amaravati School represents the evolution of uniquely beautiful regional art style based on a thriving commercial and imperial system. The Amravati Stupas began about the time of Christ but the perfection of form and proportion seen in the middle phase of Amaravati as well as some of the themes continued to influence art at Nagarjuankonda and also later Vakataka and Gupta art styles.

It shows a mastery of stone sculpture. The monuments at Jaggayyapera, Nagarjuna-konds and Amaravati are some examples.

Features of Amravati School of Art 

  • The stupas at Amaravati are predominantly made of a distinctivewhite marble. 
  • The sculptures at Amaravati have a profound and quiet naturalism inhuman, animal and floral forms. There is a sense of movement and energy in the sculptures.
  • The human figures are slender and slightly elongated.
  • The faces are oval with sharp and well delineated and expressive features.
  • The animals such asmakarashave scaly naturalism and the vegetation environment is lush
  • There is emphasis on the narrative element with stories from the life of Buddhaand bodhisattva dominating such episodes relating to the Birth, the miracles, Enlightenment and the victory over Mara, Sundari, Nanda, Tushita heaven and Angulimala.
  • There are few Jataka scenessuch as the Shibi, Nalagiri and Chhadanta Jatakas.


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