DMPQ- Discuss different types of Mountain landforms.

Weathering, water, elevation, sinking, and erosion of the soil are constantly shaping the surface of the Earth. It doesn’t really happen overnight but takes hundreds and thousands of years for us to notice these changes. These are the natural processes that lead to various formations of the Landforms. Landforms originate from these geological processes. Landforms can be categorized into Mountains, Plateaus, and Plains depending upon their elevation and slope.

Any landmass that is higher and steeper than a hill is called a Mountain. A hill is a landform that extends above the surrounding terrain There are different type of mountain landforms which are discussed as follows:

               Fold Mountains: Fold mountains are created when two tectonic plates collide and the edges of these plates ‘fold’ because of the enormous push force between them. Scientists classify the fold mountains into ‘young fold mountains’ are the ‘old fold mountains’ according to the mountains age.

Block mountains occur when large areas are broken and displaced vertically. These large areas of rock, sometimes stretching across hundreds of kilometres are created by tectonic and localized stresses in the Earth’s crust. The uplifted blocks are termed as horsts. The lowered blocks are called grabens. They resemble piano keys. The examples of block mountains are the Rhine valley and the Vosges mountain in Europe.

               Volcanic mountains are formed by magma rising up from the mantle to the crust of the earth. The example of volcanic mountains is Kilimanjaro and Mount Fuji.

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