DMPQ: democracy sometimes lead to majoritarianism. Comment

Democracy is well known by the definition of ‘ for the people, by the people and of the people.   Democracy success depends upon the way the government of the state is elected. The election is done on the basis of First past the poll or Proportional representation.  The other major aspect of democracy is the voice of all gets heard at legitimate platform.

Democracy works fine when there are  proper checks and balances and government functions as per the constitution. But there are instances in the past to prove that democracy leads to Majoritarianism.  When the majority of the population will finds mention in the policies, schemes and minority become the sufferer. Like Shrilanka – Sinhalese- Tamilian, Rohingaya Human rights violations issue in  Maynmmar, Pakistan was divided in 1971 where Majority tried to suppress Minority( Bangladesh) etc.

The signs of democracy being majoritarian are:

  1. Implicitly and explicitly discrimination with minorities.
  2. Human rights violations and non granting of benefits and privileges to minorities
  3. Top post of the state being acquired by the people belonging to majority
  4. Extreme form of Tyranny like mob lynching, rule of law getting affected

Any constitutional democracy can become Majoritarian democracy if there is gross violation of rule of law, government starts to function by overlooking constitutional values and human values.  Failure of the independent and autonomous bodies to function properly and to hold government accountable like Judiciary, Election Commission, Media etc.

Hence Democratic values can be imparted if it run with constitutional values and the doctrine of checks and balances are there to prevent excesses of the executive. Democracy can bring majoritarianism which can lead to autocracy or one party rule. History is full of such examples.

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