General Studies- Paper 1 (Coaching Class Notes in Hindi)

As I was a student of English medium, It was very difficult for me to identify good quality, free and non copyrighted study material for general studies. A very thanks to Facebook group admin Rajesh kumar for sharing the material with such generosity. I know the writting is not soo good , i would definately try to get my friends notes scanned who secured a decent rank in 2014 . It may take some time till then please   I am sharing the following links for various subjects such as:-


Geography handwritten notes- ????? ????????? ?????

topic covered are:-

1-World physical geography-

  • Geo morphology(in both 1st and 2nd part)
  • Climatology(In second part)
  • Oceanography (in second part)


  • Land reforms, the
  • Irrigation(canal, pond and tank along with techniques),
  • Cropping patterns,
  • crop intensity,
  • post harvestmanagement(storage, transport,marketing,IT in agricultural development)

3-Disaster and Disaster management

  • definition,
  • types- flood,landslide,Drought,Earthquakes,Tsunamis,Cyclones,
  • DPAP,
  • Disaster Management,
  • Financial Resources

4-Distribution of Natural Resources









Indian art and culture -Class notes

media fire link

google drive





Social issues- Class notes

media fire link
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There are many books in the market for English medium students but the problem for Hindi medium students is that they are very few books  which are really related to  UPSC syllabus .I will be considering each topic for paper 1 one by one:-

Indian history

Hindi medium students are Generaly very strong in history topic but still I would be suggesting few sources for those who are relatively new to UPSC preparation

Indian history for maIns examination consist of mainly three topics which are as follow:-

a)Indian art and culture –

 There are very few book, infact i would like to say there is only one relavant book named  as Bharatiya Kala, Sanskriti Evam Virasat: Civil Sewa Pariksha Hetu 

The book is great for civil services but the problem with it is that it’s specifically written for civil services exam and thus it seems like to be a copy pasted material. Here we need to understand that we need not to have a phd in Indian culture we just need to qualify the exam and for that this book is good source for covering the syllabus systematically. You can always include the notes provided for notes but they are coaching notes which might not be considered complete.


b)Modern Indian history or India’s struggle for independence:-

This is the most important topic not only for preliminary exam but even for the mains examination. There are many books in the market and every tom,dick & harry has written a book on the said topic, but here the strength lies with- the old is gold and thus i would like to suggest you that you should not be distracted by the copy paste writers and should follow the original writings such as :-

Bipin Chandra in Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas or

You could follow Sekhar Bandopadhya’s  Palassi se Vibhajan Tak: Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas

c)Post Independence

It’s a recently added topic to the mains syllabus and there are only two books for the said topic…. yaaa you are right

Bharat: Gandhi Ke Baad by Ramchandra Guha &

Azadi Ke Baad Ka Bharat by Bipin Chandra

The Biggest problem with both the books is that they are not at all related to UPSC syllabus ( Atleast whats UPSC has asked in the past 3 years) and are soo bulky .Thus i would suggest you that for this topic specifically don’t follow any book. I would try my level best to get some really gud quality notes for this topic.



If any of the above link is not working please let me know by Contacting me or just send a email to


It’s very difficult for Hindi medium students to find good quality material for civil services examination . There are several websites which are catering to the needs of English medium students and providing daily current affair notes of The Hindu ,Indian Express and pib but not a single one of them providing it for the Hindi medium students.

Internet has played a crucial role after the introduction of recent changes in the civil services examination pattern.

Hindi medium students are forced to study the Hindu and develop their own notes in Hindi , as those notes available in the market are basically  Google translation of The Hindu or Indian Express

Presently I am busy with my Mains examination so could not promise any regular availability of good quality Hindu notes in Hindi but definitely after Mains examination I will try to produce daily updates of Hindu in Hindi with the help of some Hindi medium toppers.

There are some other notes of coaching institutes of delhi   which I cannot upload due to copyright due to copyright , so I will ask you  to please Summit your email address  in the comments I will for sure upload  them email links

I am not asking You to subscribe to my website, I will just send the links for those notes .


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