DMPQ: ndia is a federation with a strong centre. Comment.

India is a federal country i.e. dual system of government exist. One at national level and the other at regional level.  But at the time of independence, government wanted to have strong centre to deal with socio-economic problems of the country. There was a fear of balkanisation of the country, hence strong centre regime was required. The provision which makes strong centre are:

  • Emergency provision under article 352 can turn federal polity into a highly centralised system. Parliament can legislate on state subjects.
  • Major resources of revenue are under the control of centre. State has to rely on centre for assistance and grants.
  • Governor is not only head of the sate but he is an agent of centre. On the basis of report under Article 356 can be imposed. He can withhold a bill for president assent.
  • Under Article 249 Rajya sabha can move a resolution to legislate on state subjects.
  • Executive power of union is superior to that of state. Under article 257(1) the state executive power should be exercised without impeding the power of the centre.
  • Under article 312 recruitment of All India service takes Place. Officer recruited under this are under centre government. State cannot take disciplinary action against them.
  • If two laws are there for the same subject, union list get the priority over state list.


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