Issues related to National Integrity and Security :

Table of contents:- Potential areas of Socio-political conflicts between and within Indian States, Traditional, Contemporary and Emerging Threats Internal and External Threats; Threats of Conflicts, Naxal Problems, Terrorism, Trans-border Infiltration and Insurgency Issues, Communalism, Organised crimes, Cyber issues, Drug trafficking and other such issues. Various disputes amongst the Indian states are :- 1-Inter State River … Read more

Geo–Political and Strategic Developments in India’s Neighborhood and their Impact on India.

Table of Content:- Indo- Afganistan Indo- Pakistan Indo- China Indo-Nepal Indo- Bhutan Indo-Myanmar Indo-Bangladesh Indo- Srilanka Republic of India was the only South Asian country to recognise the Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in the 1980s, its relations were diminished during the Afghan civil wars and the rule of the Islamist Taliban in the 1990s.[1] … Read more

India’s Look East Policy

Background Launched in 1991 Why? In the wake of the collapse of Soviet Union India wanted to improve its relations with all major powers of the world India focused on South-East Asia as it was a growing market India wanted to go beyond the confines of SAARC to reap the benefits out of the economic … Read more

International Affair and Indian Foreign Policy.

What is Foriegn Policy FP refers to the sum total of the principles, interests and objectives which a country formulates in conducting its relations with other countries Serves to further the country’s interests beyond its frontiers It is dynamic Historical, geographical, political economic, cultural, ideological and other factors influence the formulation of nation’s FP Aims … Read more

Comparative status of Developing, Emerging and Developed Countries,Problems of Developing Countries.

Various problems of developing countries are as follows:- The Uneven Pattern of Development:-The development gap has been widening for the very poorest countries. Lack of Resources for developement Inefficiency in resource use Inadequate Skilled human resources Stagnation in agricultural development Population growth is one of the central problems of economic development. Some developing countries have … Read more

Role and Impact of UNO and different world Organisations.

The United Nations Organisation (UNO) is the global international organisation of sovereign independent states. It was established on 24 October 1945. The destruction caused by the Second World War and failure of the League of nations compelled the people to establish an international organisation for keeping the world away from war and in favour of … Read more

Emerging World Order in the Post Cold War Era

The end of the Cold War in the early 1990s has had a dual impact on international relations. On the one hand, the Soviet military withdrawal from Eastern Europe and the Third World brought an end to the Cold War, allowed democratization to proceed in many states previously ruled by Marxist dictatorships, and led to … Read more

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