JPSC Exam Mains Test Series for General Studies Paper III, IV , V and VI

Mains Test Series and Notes program for JPSC Mains Exam 2019 is focused to enhance the analytical and writing abilities of students. The program includes the topic wise notes of each JPSC Mains paper and 20 Mains  Specific Tests. Following are the frequently asked questions about our JPSC mains test series program:-

Basic introduction to JPSC Mains Test Series 2019

JPSC Mains Test Series provide platform for checking one’s preparation level as well as the status of time and speed management  along with analyzing the conceptual clarity of student.

It gives aspirants an idea about writing an articulated answer in sync with the conceptual requirement of the question asked along with integrating the factual data specifically the Jharkhand  Facts.

It consists of:

  • Unit Wise Tests: 8
  • Complete Paper Test: 4*3=12

Though the numbers of tests are high but it will help the aspirant in covering whole syllabus in depth alongwith contemporary issues.

Is this test series only Online?

Yes, the test series program is online only and provided through student portal-

Components of JPSC Mains-2019 Programme:

The Modules covered in the program will be:-

  1. Paper III Module A (History)
  2. Paper III Module B(Geography) updated
  3. Paper IV Module A(Indian Constitution & Polity)
  4. Paper IV Module B(Public Administration & Good Governance)
  5. Paper V Module A(Indian Economy)
  6. Paper V Module B(Sustainable Development)
  7. Paper V Module C(Economic Reforms)
  8. Paper V Module D(Jharkhand Economy)
  9. Paper VI Module A(Physical Science)
  10. Paper VI Module B(Life Science)
  11. Paper VI Module C(Agriculture Science)
  12. Paper VI Module D(Environmental Science)
  13. Paper VI Module E(Science & Technology Development)

Along with it 20 tests

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Now coming to the detailed schedule and pattern of the test series.

Test 1    History +Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 2  Indian Constitution & Polity +Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 3  Indian Economy +Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 4  General Science +Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 5  General English (Paper I)

Test 6  Geography +Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 7  Public Administration & Good Governance +Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 8  Globalization and Sustainable Development + Current affairs(20 marks)

Test 9  Paper III Complete Syllabus

Test 10            Paper IV Complete Syllabus

Test 11            Paper V Complete Syllabus

Test 12            Paper VI Complete Syllabus

Test 13            Paper III Complete Syllabus

Test 14            Paper IV Complete Syllabus

Test 15            Paper III Complete Syllabus

Test 16            Paper IV Complete Syllabus

Test 17            Paper V Complete Syllabus

Test 18            Paper VI Complete Syllabus

Test 19            Paper V Complete Syllabus

Test 20            Paper VI Complete Syllabus

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