Birsa Movement

Birsa Movement Birsa Munda (1875–1900) was an Indian tribal freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero who belonged to the Munda tribe. He spearheaded an Indian tribal religious Millenarian movement that arose in the tribal belt of modern-day Bihar and Jharkhand in the late 19th century, during the British Raj, thereby making him an important … Read more Birsa Movement

Adi-dharma ie Sarana cult of jharkhand tribals

Adi-dharma ie Sarana cult of jharkhand tribals Adi Dharam or ?di dharam (meaning the ancient or the root (?di) religion (Dharam) ) refers to the tribal religion or the traditional religion or the indigenous religion or the Adivasi (Hindi for original settlers) religion of the indigenous peoples of India. It is an umbrella term used … Read more Adi-dharma ie Sarana cult of jharkhand tribals

JPSC Notes Android App

Dear All, We have released a beta version of our android app for JPSC Exam. We have presently focused on the prelims exam of JPSC and that to the notes part. Sections Covered in our app are as shown below:- Jharkhand History Jharkhand Economy Jharkhand Polity Daily Current Affairs Remaining GS Topics

Jharkhand Culture, Traditions and Heritage.

Jharkhand History- for Jharkhand PCS Exam of JPSC

Jharkhand :An Historical Introduction Jharkhand: The Parha and the Manki Mundua system.  Jharkhand: Influence of Arayans and British over Tribal Culture ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES of Jharkhand Modern history of Jharkhand after Independence Prehistory of Jharkhand PRESS & MAGAZINES of Jharkhand Jharkhand :Pre Independence Kingdoms Jharkhand : Language and Dialect Jharkhand : Famous Literature Jharkhand : Main … Read more Jharkhand History- for Jharkhand PCS Exam of JPSC