Analogy Level 1
“When you draw an analogy between two things we compare them for the purpose of explanation. Read More >
“Classification involves putting things into a class or group according to particular characteristics so it’s easier to .Read More >

The notes for remaining topics will be uploaded in a short span of time, the list is as follows:-

English alphabet test
Logical Sequence of words
Sitting arrangements
Direction Test
Blood Relations
Puzzle test
Series Test
Inserting the missing of chracters
Problem Based on ages
Dice & Prism
Cube & Cuboid
Clerical Aptitude
Mathematical Statement & Conclusion
Venn- Diagram
Statement & Assumption
Statement & Conclusion
Statement & Arguments
Mirror & Water Images
Paper folding
Paper Cutting
Formation of Figures
Counting of figures
Embeded figures
Completion of Figures
Figure Matrix
Grouping of identical figures