consolidation and reorganization within the country

Post-independence consolidation and reorganization within the country. 

Its a new topic added to the syllabus but the question regarding the state reorganization have been asked in the past… few institutes are suggesting india after gandhi by ghua or India since independence by bipin chandra… i dont feel that we shud read such large books for the said topic rather den i am uploading two files go through them
and still who want big books the links are as follows
india after gandhi

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  • Do you have Bipan Chandra's India after Independence ?

  • no nt in soft copy

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hi Ratendra,

    First of all, congratulations for such a wonderful effort. However, I do feel that you have not done any background research on the books you are suggesting.

    1. Emerging Indian scientists : The book basically contains summary biography of the scientists with little focus on their scientific achievements.

    2. India's national security – The book is not of much use for civil services. It's political and lengthy. A better alternative is India's internal security.

    3. Public Institutions in India – Very little attention on new institutions like ECI and SEBI. What it exhaustively covers is prez, pm, judiciary etc, material for which is easily available.

    4. Report on women – It merely lists out various govt schemes for women, though does it sector wise. There is absolutely no analysis.

    Please do some research on the books you suggest instead of just googling them. I like your effort and enthusiasm and want you to take this as a constructive criticism. If I didn't like your blog, why would I buy all the books you mentioned.

    Best of luck and peace brother.

  • Respected Sir, it is not accessible . it is reading App is curently unreachable.