12 sep Current Affairs

Meat ban and pseudo secularism

the municipal corporation of Greater Mumbai propose a ban on sale and consumption of meat.

Recently many states in India have imposed the ban on consumption and sale of beef, the issue has taken a dramatic move by linking the issue to Mugal Emperors such as Akhbar and Jahangeer banning the consumption of meat for some festive seasons.

India is a modern Democracy in making as till the basic human rights are violated for Majority or minority community India could not be called as a True Democracy.

We must move toward individual freedom not as a prison house of communal piety.



Hindi Poet Ashok Chakradhar

In Vishwa Hindu sammelan today stated that scientific ways should be introduced to promote information technology in Hindi. Indian constitution in article 351.

India is a diverse country of multiple languages and thus we developed the unique two language and three language formulae for the development of both the regional languages along with Hindi.

Constitution of India define  22 Scheduled languages in the 8th Schedule of Indian constitution.

Human Rights violation in Yemen

The bombing of to boat  also having Indian off the coast of Yemen by Saudi Airforce clearly states the excessive use of force by the Saudi  forces against the Houthi rebels in Yemen

Saudi version is that it is Interfering  to defend the internationally recognised govt.  of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi against the Houthi rebels but the ground realities are different .

Houthi’s   are shia’s who make up between 30 and 45 % of Yemen population and are reported close to Iran.

Ramaswamy R Iyer -a visionary on water issues

he said that beneficiaries of big projects( the farmers receiving irrigation in the command area industries and cities getting electricity etc) and those land revenue code and sensory older sister natural resource base are being taken away are who must be consulted.

the engineering dominated supply-side approach mean that attention was focused on what is referred to as water resource development .the problems are the spatial variation in the availability of water and crisis looming on its horizons should be considered while giving clearance to projects

  1. Indus water Treaty
  2. the Cauvery water dispute
  3. the Mullaperiyar issue
  4. the interlinking of Indian river projects
  5. and Sardar Sarovar project

Rivers  are not human artefact they are natural phenomena integral components of ecological system and extract table parts of cultural social economic and spiritual life of the communities concerned they are not pipeline to be cut turned around and rejoin.

Jhumpa Lahiri

Awarded with United States national Humanities Medal. She has won is a Pulitzer prize for her noble The Lowland.

Madhubani paintings

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