Indian Pre History Quiz 2

Indian Pre History question developed by pscnotes team

1. Sarai Nahar in Kunda(Pratapgarh) is a neolithic site of


2. Neolithic ashmounds are man-made landscape features found in some parts of southern India mainly in


3. Domestication of Animals was started during



5. The Sanghao cave sequence now in northeast of Mardan, Pakistan is of


6. Kurnool caves of Andhra Pradesh are of


7. The Bhimbetka rock shelters are located in


8. Which of the following site is one of the earliest Neolithic sites on the Indian subcontinent


9. During the Mesolithic there are instances of intentional extended burials with mostly orientations for the bodies


10. Bahera (Mirzapur) is a megalithic site of


11. Burzahom is a neolithic site in


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