Geology Optional Notes for civil services(ias) and Indian Forest Services- Ifos(IFS)

Geology is one of the most attractive optional amongst the Indian Forest Aspirants particularly after the introduction of preliminary examination . Following are the links for complete geology optional prepared by me (I gave Ifos Interview in 2014) and  my friend who secured a rank in IFoS 2013. You could comment for any doubt or discussion regarding any geology topic.

Geology optional has following topics:-

UPSC IFS Geology Syllabus and Notes

Paper – I


(i) General Geology  :-Notes                                                      

(ii) Geomorphology and Remote Sensing :- Notes             

(iii) Structural geology :- Notes                                                

Section- B

(iv) Paleontology: Notes (Book not available so again contact me)

(v) Stratigraphy and Geology of India: Notes                       

(vi) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology: Notes       

Can not shared the notes as i have the notes of a coaching for this topic and never felt of preparing for it. if you wish them please contact me in the comment box.


(i) Mineralogy:- Notes                                            :

(ii) Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology:-NOTES          :

(iii) Sedimentology: Sedimentary rocks   :-NOTES          :

Don’t buy it very costly better just follow notes for this topic


(iv) Economic Geology:- Notes                              :

(v) Mining Geology: Notes

(vi) Geochemistry and Environmental Geology:Notes

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