Crack Civil Services in First Attempt

Crack Civil Services in First Attempt

Author: Divey Sethi, IRS, 2013
Genre: UPSC preparation



I remember when the idea of preparing for Civil Services started to take shape for me couple of years ago, I had no one to confront to. Like many, I had millions of questions about Civils pertaining to the probabilities and degrees of comprehension involved, the risk that I was going to take and the best ways of addressing many concerns that had sprouted in the meantime.

Yes, the internet has many forums which cater to all these questions but they are so scattered that by the time you finish answering your own questions about the exam, the pattern of the exam itself changes. So what you need is someone to take the pain and to curate all the right information about the Civil Services Exam and to present it in a concise manner. And this is exactly what Divey Sethi has done in this book.

It might look like a lean version of a UPSC guide but pretty much covers everything that pops up in the mind of the aspirant. It starts with discussing the recent trends in the exam which itself is a big topic as UPSC seems to have seriously taken on the phrase “Change is the only constant”. The period from 2011-2014 had seen too many changes in the pattern of the exam and was indeed the golden period for the engineers. Then the author goes on to cover the most delicate issue of Why one should go for civils and the million dollar question of deciding upon the Optional Subject.

Going forward, the author throws some light on the role played by the coaching institutions and the vary many other sources of getting feed for your General Studies preparation. He discusses in detail the content and strategy to deal with all the papers of General Studies which is impressive in a way. It is fascinating to read the word play where he innovates various theories of compartmentalization and photoelectric effect to explain the various dilemmas an aspirant may face. Lastly he also covers a bit on the preparation for the personality tests. One of the other good things is that he has incorporated the personal experiences of many other aspirants in his circle, which brings in an element of practicality in this book.

Overall it tries to answer all the questions and dilemmas faced by a fresher aspirant and ergo provides the answers in a very concise manner and that too at one single place saving a lot of time which is the USP of this book. So in case you are planning to start your UPSC preparation, do consider reading this book at the first place!

Book review by Swapnil Tembe, IAS, 2014
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