Recruitment of Civil Service

Civil service refers to the body of government officials who are employed in civil occupations that are neither political nor judicial. The concept of civil service was prevalent in India from ancient times. The Mauryan administration employed civil servants in the name of adhyakshas and rajukas.

The examination for civil servants in those days too was very stringent as quoted by Kautilya’s Arthasastra. The expanse of the territory and the need to hold it intact made it imperative for the Mauryan administration to recruit civil servants based on merit. The concept of civil service again came into prominence when the British in search of creating a framework to hold the territories of India, created the much coveted ‘Indian Civil Services’ or the ICS.

Many changes took place in Indian Civil Services since Lord Cornwallis introduced it in India. The Indian Civil services were created to foster the idea of unity in diversity.

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