Morale and Productivity

Morale and Productivity of an Employee are higly interdependent. Morale is the most important Psychological state of mind of a person which is expressed as selfconfidence, loyalty toward an organization and/or enthusiasm. Morale of an employee determines the behavior either positively or negatively in an organization. Morale is directly related to employee motivation level and satisfaction in their job. Morale ultimately reflects in the performance of the employee and leads to retention.

Morale can be defined as a person’s attitude towards being part of a group or organization. It reflects the satisfaction and sense of achievement that they get from being part of the group. High morale means the interest in being part of the group and a possible desire to do something else.Morale and Productivity can exist together.Morale and Productivity

When employee morale is high, the levels of general job satisfaction and overall well-being are also high. This means that employees work better together and function as a cohesive team. Keeping team morale high is a vital step toward completing a project on time and under budget. When employees feel good about their job, they want to work hard and accomplish more as a team. They also tend to invest more emotionally in their job.

There exists a general impression that if morale is high employees are satisfied and happy about their jobs, working conditions, pay, allowances and perks and various other employment situations. Greater the motivation the greater would be the job satisfaction and resultantly, the greater would be the morale. High morale would also be reflected by little aggressiveness or frustration instigated conflict by a reasonably euphoric work force, by fairly well adjust employees who can become quite ego involved in their work by many favourable attitudes and by the cohesiveness which comes from finding personal need satisfaction within the group. In the words of John F.Mee: “Good morale is evidenced by employee enthusiasm, voluntary conformance with regulations and orders and willingness to co-operate with others in the accomplishment of an organization’s objectives. Poor morale is evidenced by surliness, insubordination, a feeling of discouragement and dislike of the job, ”


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