Administrative system of Jharkhand

Administrative system of Jharkhand

People of Jharkhand have broadly three tier level of decision making process within the laws.

  1. Village council:-all the people residing in village are included into it. This is a primary traditional decision making process which is called village council or hatu dunub. Head of each village is called by unique name in all the tribes.Administrative system of Jharkhand
  2. Village cluster or parha: clusters are known by different names. Among Oraon five parha, twelve parha and among Munda- 12 mauja sanga parha etc
  3. Community level: in community level adivasi self governing system is known by different names like Oraon-Raji Parah andthe head is called Raji Parha etc

Administrative system-Nagvansi

This system is based on Kinship. Nag dynasty evolved from the rudimentary state form through the interplay of both primary and secondary process of state formation. In culture matrix of the Mundas the elements of primary state were found. The classical theories as well as peaceful penetration are dispensed with as necessary condition for the rise of state among the mundas on the fact that they do not get support of history or ethro history of the people.

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