Folk Music And Vocal Of Jharkhand


The music of the Jharkhand is not purely entertaining. Some social and ritual significance is also attached to the music of the Jharkhand. The social commentary also provided by them sometimes. As a political tool and as a protested voice, this music is often used. The themes of the music were represented as the stories and tales related to the mythological facts.Major music and vocals of jharkhand are as follows:-

  • Janani Jhumar

It is an admired music form in Jharkhand state of India. The Jhumar dance of Jharkhand is performed by both men and women, but The main members in this music form are women. The dance is graceful or energetic based on the gender. The music accompanied by the Jhumar dance is well developed and are local folk songs of Jharkhand. The dancers hold each other by locking hands between the torsos of the adjacent partners to form a circle and then dancing with deft footwork and articulate expressions. The attire of the performers is also very rich and colorful, which may also include, at times, the elements of tribal clothes like leaves and feather crowns. The musical instruments includes dhol, mandar, bansuri, sarangi and kartal.

  • Pratkali

It is a folk music of Jharkhand state of India. It is performed early morning.


  • Mardana Jhumar

It is an admired form of folk music. The major members in this music are the men. The Mardana Jhumar music is offered by a congregation of shrill instruments which lifts up the belligerent mood. The instruments include the dhol, shehnai, jhanjh, kartal and nagara.

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  • Faguwa

It is a well-liked music form of Jharkhand. It is carried out mostly in the month of Fagun of the Indian Calendar.

  • Adhratiya

It is a folk music of Jharkhand state in India. It is generally supposed to be performed in midnight.


Dohori means from two side or a debate. This debate is in rhythm, and involves quick and witty poetry. The two teams in Dohori usually involve boys in one group girls in the other. The song is started with a question usually from the boys’ side. The girl follows the question with a quick response and continues the musical conversation.

Some other forms of music are: Jhumta, Daidhara, Akhariya, Domkach, Pahilsanjha, Vinsariya, Pawa, Udasi, Akhariya Domkach, Dohari Domkach, Janani Jhumar, Udasi, Pawas, Daidhara, Pahilsanjha Vinsariya, Pratkali, Jhumta etc.

The forms of tribal music in Jharkhand are absolutely indigenous and have continued in the same way for time immemorial. The musical instruments, the dancing steps, the vocal inflections all have their unique flavors. However it should be remembered that most of Jharkhand musical performances are group performances, since solo performances are virtually unknown within the tribal musical aesthetics.


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