Hawaah Palace Padma 

Hawaah Palace Padma can be categorised under Historical Places and is a popular tourist place in Hazaribagh. This Hawaah Palace Padma draws huge crowds from the neighbouring places of Bishnupur, Chandel, Churachandpur, Nambol, Senapati, Tamenglong, Thoubal, Ukhrul. Some of the other tourist places in the city of Hazaribagh – Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Canary Hills, Budhwa Mahadev Mandir, Narsigsthan Temple, Raj Derwah, Silwar Hill, Konar Dam, Hawaah Palace Padma.

Palamu Forts Purana And Naya Kila

wo large forts are located deep in the forests of Palamu on the Sher Shah Suri path near Daltonganj. These forts were attributed to the Vanvasi kings of the Chero dynasty. The best part of these forts is that they had defences in three directions guarded by three huge main gates. The architecture that we see now is Islamic in nature as Daud Khan the trusted general of Sher Shah Suri had rebuilt the forts after conquering it from the Chero rulers.

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