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State govt joins hand with IIM Ranchi for preparing budget


The State Government has roped in Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi as a knowledge partner for preparing the budget. The decision to this effect was taken at State cabinet meeting on Wednesday. The State Cabinet on Wednesday gave its nod for nomination of IIM, Ranchi as knowledge partner for pre budget workshop on an annual fee of Rs 12.50 lakh.

The task of IIM Ranchi will be to collect feedback from people about the budget and based on people’s feedback and inputs of the institute, the management institute will provide necessary suggestions on how the budget will be.

People will provide inputs about the proposed budget in the portal ‘Harmar budget’. State Finance Minister RameshwarOroan said, “This is for the first time that the state government has joined hands with IIM Ranchi for preparing the budget. IIM, Ranchi as knowledge partner for pre budget workshop will collect people’s feedback. The initiative is for the first time as the government plans to prepare a budget which is for people. Feedback of all sections of society will be collected so that a better budget is prepared.”

Meanwhile, IIM director Shailendra Singh said that IIM will collect feedback from all sections of society so that a better budget is prepared.

As far as budgetary allocations are concerned a bulk allocation of 14.52 percent was given to education, 14.16 percent to the rural development,  8.55 percent to health and drinking water, 8.33 percent to police and disaster management department,  8.05 to percent welfare and social welfare and 7.45 percent as pension. Sources said that this year too such provision will be made with focus on social and welfare sectors.




UNESCO Heritage List – Nordic Clinker Boats


In December 2021, the United Nations’ cultural agency, UNESCO, inscribed the Nordic “clinker boats” to its Heritage List.


For thousands of years, wooden sailboats have allowed northern Europeans to spread influence, trade, and even conflict across continents and seas.

The UNESCO designation was requested jointly by Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

The term “clinker” is said to refer to the way the building’s wooden boards were attached.

The use of overlapping longitudinal hardwood hull planks distinguishes wooden clinker boats.

These planks are held together by stitched or riveted seams. Internally, boats are fortified with additional wooden components, particularly tall oak trees.

Gaps are filled with a mixture of tar or tallow, animal hair, moss, and wool.


India-UAE Capital Funds to Support Start Ups


India and the United Arab Emirates have pooled their resources to create a $150 million fund to support startups.


Within the next ten years, the fund will assist in creating ten unicorns. Unicorns are companies with a market capitalization of more than one billion dollars.

The fund was announced at the Dubai EXPO 2020. The fund will act as a catalyst for the startups’ development.

It will be highly beneficial to startups in their early stages of development.

In both countries, the fund will support at least fifty startups. The fund’s Indian representative is NASSCOM.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between India and the United Arab Emirates to raise the fund.


Digital Rights And Principles Proposed By EU


The European Union is the first to propose digital rights in the world. The rights are intended to promote democracy and protect people’s rights.


It ensures a secure internet experience. The rights aspire to give all of its member countries affordable digital connectivity.

It also intends to improve the internet’s speed. The rights will equip the classrooms and hire digitally adept teachers.

In addition, digital rights will allow for seamless access to government services. It will give children a secure atmosphere.





NIPER Research Portal


The Ministry of Chemicals recently launched the NIPER Portal to help the pharmaceutical industry innovate and research.


NIPER is the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research.

The NIPER Research Portal will provide information on the organization’s research efforts.

The portal will also provide a list of NIPER’s patents and publications. It will house all of the NIPERs’ research data in one location. This makes information more accessible.

Researchers will be able to contact appropriate organizations with the help of the site.

It will enable researchers to work with the appropriate institution and make their study more impactful.

The gateway will aid the pharmaceutical industry’s development. It will aid collaboration between industry and academia.


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