26.09.18 Jharkhand (JPCS) Current Affairs



  • Aspirational district Palamu toils hard for better ranking


  • Palamu is all set to improve its Delta ranking in the 115 aspirational districts in the country which the Niti Ayog shortlisted for a tremendous jump on seven scores like health and nutrition, education, agriculture, water resources, basic infrastructural facilities, financial inclusion and skill development. Palamu stood 107 in this listing of 115 in July.


  • TB success rate is described as 97 per cent but the grim fact is that the number of drug resistant TB cases is on the rise due to the patients abandoning midway the anti TB drugs and thus fails to cover the mandated period of medication.


  • As against 3,66,713 households electricity has reached 2,48,551 households and thus remaining 1,18, 162 households are to be electrified.


  • A huge demand of electricity meters say around 1.25 lakh but here the availability is just 8,000. Meter supplying agencies have been directed to shorten this gap at the earliest.




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