21.05.21 Daily JKPSC Current Affairs


State’s Covid growth rate drops below national average


The growth rate of Covid-19 in Jharkhand dropped below the national average on Tuesday after almost a month as the State reported at least 4,859 recoveries against 2,925 fresh cases in the past 24 hours, which brought the active caseload down to 31,528, figures compiled by the health department highlighted.

As per bulletin released by the National Health Mission (NHM), the growth rate of Covid-19 in the State was 0.91 per cent against the national average of 0.93 per cent on Tuesday, while the doubling rate of cases in Jharkhand also improved in comparison to the national average. As per NHM data, it would take 76.68 days for the cases to double in the state against the national doubling rate of 75.03 days.

While the Covid recovery rate in the State also surpassed the national average of 85.60 per cent and reached 88.74 per cent with recoveries outnumbering fresh cases every day in the past fortnight, Jharkhand’s Covid mortality rate continued to be higher than the national average 0f 1.10 per cent. As per NHM data, the Covid mortality rate in Jharkhand was 1.43 per cent.