13.01.18 JPSC (Jharkhand) Current Affairs


  • Jharkhand sets pace, provides 28,000 jobs in a single day


  • Jharkhand created a record of sorts on Friday by giving away 27,842 appointment letters to skilled youths in a single day. The state government also unveiled a draft ‘Skill Policy 2018’ at the Skill Development Summit which concluded on Friday. Five MoUs were also signed on the occasion by the Jharkhand Skill Development Society. An MoU was signed with UK Skills of the United Kingdom and another with Australia’s QUSEC.


  • At present, unemployed youths are being forced to migrate to other cities and even overseas and a large number of youths are often fleeced. To safeguard youth of state from being trapped, a Videsh Bhawan to monitor overseas appointments would soon be set up at Ranchi. The government will allot 1.50 acre land for the project. In case of any unfortunate event faced in a foreign country by a youth from Jharkhand, the state government shall pay compensation up to Rs 5 lakh,




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